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Your clients have heard about it on Oprah, and they are ready to experience it themselves. Now you can be fully confident in your knowledge and skills…and facilitate successful Past Life Regressions…every time.

Past life and between life exploration is rapidly gaining popularity around the world.  Be a part of this exciting, enlightening, fulfilling, and lucrative profession.

How much will it cost you if you do not know all about this subject… or lack the training to deliver successful results to your clients when they ask for these experiences?

This popular training is now available for Home-Study.

“Very powerful teaching”
“Thank you so much for the training recently on Past Life Regression techniques.  It was a very powerful teaching.   I now know from personal experience how powerful the techniques of regression therapy are.  I am very excited to begin to use these techniques in my therapy practice.  Thank you so much for doing this work and modeling it for us.  You are a fabulous teacher.  And you have the MOST hypnotic voice! “
~ Karen J., Washington

In this comprehensive training course, you will have the opportunity to learn, in detail, the necessary information, wisdom, and skills to become a confident and effective past life regressionist.

Included in the 216-page training course workbook:

  • How to successfully facilitate hypnotic induction, leading to successful past life and between life regression.
  • Invaluable tools to give your practice a dynamic boost, and bring a variety of benefits to your clients
  • Specialized skill sets that will make you unique in your field
  • Language and methods of retrieving true memories, and vital steps you will need to know to avoid false memories
  • Dozens of case studies, transcribed to demonstrate successful procedures used for not only past life regression, but also applying healing and behavior modification during the session – PLUS bonus DVDs showing actual past life regressions in action!
  • A fascinating exploration of life between lives, with full instructions for safely guiding your clients through this natural, yet unknown territory
  • How to close the session, bringing your client safely out of trance, with their memories of the session intact.
  • Detailed assignments to empower your clients to continue integrating the work after leaving your office.

Exercises and practice assignments will assist you, along the way, in integrating the material and gaining complete confidence in your ability to safely and effectively guide your clients through past life and between lives regression.

“I highly recommend this…”
“Mary Lee uses a lot of personal examples that help you to connect with the subject matter. I gained a lot of insights into myself and others. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and for those who might want to pursue it as a career. And have fun!”
~ Sharon, Washington

 Do your clients migrate to other therapists
because you can’t help them?

And what do you do with that 10% of your clients
who do not respond to your present techniques?

Read on to find out how you can have
successful results EVERY TIME!

“I can’t thank her enough.”
“Mary Lee LaBay has all the experience it takes and more to be a wonderful teacher, hypnotherapist and counselor. The best part, though, is that it comes so instinctively and naturally to her.  I can’t thank her enough! ”
~ Doug L., Washington

Learn in several sensory modalities for the best retention and experience:

Along with the Course  Workbook you will receive:

  • Seven CDs containing even more than the course material. Receiving information by more than one sensory channel brings even deeper learning and retention. Mary Lee presents the course on CD for your audio pleasure. Listen in your car, at the gym, transfer to your iPod and continue to study anywhere, any time.  The CDs contain additional information that is not presented in the workbook, and the workbook has additional information not on the CDs. Please use them both for maximum benefit.
  • Two DVDs containing Live demonstrations of actual cases .  Watch Mary Lee demonstrate the techniques in action and witness client responses. Notice how she brings the client to successful past and between life exploration, moves from one technique to another for deep healing and change, maintains rapport and formulates non-leading questions, and gently brings them back to the present with their full memory of the experience. See how an experienced practitioner does it – so you can do it too!

“…so very impressed with your trainings…”
“I am writing to tell you how inspired I am after working with you. I have always been so very impressed with your trainings, techniques and products that you have developed.  I have never felt such a feeling of hope that my issues are clearing and that my purpose on the planet is coming into focus… and I have you to thank.  I feel it is my mission to help spread the word of you and your knowledge to positively affect more people around the world. I look forward to learning more from you and about myself in the process. Thank you so much for your help.”
~ Craig Sigl,


Continuing Support

I am so sure that you are going to love this training – and I am also confident that it will stretchmarylee7 - Version 2 your present skills – that I am going to make you a special offer. You will have access to me, personally – yes, Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D. – for a period of 3 months after you purchase your training.

  • You will be able to speak directly with me over the phone for one half-hour. (Valued at $150) Save up your questions and take advantage of my personal counsel at any time during those first three months.
  • One email consultation per month for 3 months. During that period, you will be able to email your questions and concerns – to better understand the materials, to discuss a difficult client, and to better integrate the techniques in your practice. (Valued at over $600)

“I was absolutely delighted with Mary Lee LaBay’s certification training. The information was extremely useful and I was immediately able to incorporate the knowledge into my hypnotherapy practice. Mary Lee is a very clear, concise, focused educator who leaves no stone unturned. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to further their knowledge in this realm.”
~  Valerie M., California


Additionally, this set includes an exclusive interview on CD with Mary Lee LaBay, PhD.,  that answers some of the more burning questions you may have.  (A value of $29.95)

“I loved your Past Life Regression course. It was great. ”
~ Frank T., Arizona

“While with a client yesterday I felt so much more confident and energized about the session. It was a great session! I attribute this to attending Mary Lee LaBay’s trainings. It definitely was inspirational for me and rejuvenating. I wanted to thank you and I can’t wait to do so in person in our next training.”
~  Rhonda  A., Washington (Attended live trainings.)

And read on…

This is more than a basic course in Past Life Regression. In addition to the amazing tools and knowledge you will gain from learning about past lives, you will also learn advanced healing and NLP techniques to achieve even greater results.

Check this out!



In this additional 42-page workbook, you will receive step-by-step instructions for around twenty more Hypnotherapy and NLP skills that will allow you to facilitate healing and change during the past life and between life sessions.Essential Elements


  • Various Inductions giving you several ways to ensure successful past life memory recall
  • A number of ways that you can deepen the trance for greater connection to the subconscious memories
  • Specific wording and instructions for safely bringing your client out of the hypnotic state
  • Reverse Metaphor – to get the most resistent client into a past life
  • Secondary Gains – to discover roots of self-sabotage and blocks
  • Parts Therapy – to resolve inner conflict and facilitate decision-making
  • Object Imagery – to alter and eliminate pain, blocks, resistence
  • Inner Child – healing trauma from earlier years or lifetimes
  • Reframing – gaining a more favorable perspective forhealthy integration of life events
  • Association and Dissociation – how and why to move between these states of perspective
  • Desensitization – to rapidly and effectively reduce unwanted reactions to trauma and painful memories
  • Anchoring – accessing powerful and desireable traitsand emotions at will
  • Empowerment Symbol – fortifying strength and courage before reviewing traumatic events
  • Role Model – integrating the new, desired traits and attitudes for rapid, lasting change
  • Abreaction – a powerfully effective, rapid method ofresolving uncontrollable grief, sadness, or anger

This workbook is valued at $39.95 – and it is yours FREE with this specific training course.

Long after you have completed your course, you will continue finding new methods, techniques, and strategies in this workbook that you can add to your practice.

Evolve your business!
Energize your practice!

“No price can be put on this learning. My own personal experiences were so rich and pure and welcoming. I must continue on this path of self-discovery. It feels so right!”
~ Jennifer King, Washington (attended live trainings)

And, upon completion of the course…


After studing the training course, send in your completed test, included in the materials. This will demonstrate that you have a sound comprehension of the techniques and concepts. It is easily accoIHA-logo1mplished by anyone who has become familiar with the materials presented. A score of 80% or higher will qualify you for certification through the International Hypnosis Association. Complete instructions on how to obtain your certificate are included in the course materials.


“The Past Life Regression course is extremely organic and has assisted me in following my intuition while also utilizing techniques that are tried and true for more client specific healing!”
~ Raven C., Washington

“Mary Lee, thanks for sharing your gifts with the world – and not shortchanging us! ”
~ C.C., Minnesota

Here are a few of the comments that my clients have sent me.Imagine how you will feel when you are able to do this work in your practice!

” Wow was that revealing
“Regarding the past lifetime work we did, wow was that revealing!  I find these aspectsof my life infinitely interesting and full of meaning and relevancy.  I feel very safe that since now is the time for me to see and live with truth and clarity that you were there to help.  Thank you so much for holding space for me and my journeying; I am very reticent in these areas to show myself to others…thank you again :) “
~ L.B.

 “Caterpillar into a butterfly”
“Thank you very much for all your assistance. You helped turn this caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.”
~ D. W.

“Cleaning lady for my mind.”
“I have often referred to our work together as “having a cleaning lady for my mind”!No disrespect intended, but that is how I felt after our sessions, as if I had had a thorough mind-cleaning/clearing. Actually, I guess we were cleaning out my subconscious of limiting beliefs, and replacing those beliefs with new ones. I was never really sure why it worked, but it did. And it was much better for me than years of cognitive therapy. So thanks again. You changed my life.”
~  B. F., Washington

“I remember this vividly”
“With your guidance, I was, for the first time, successful in seeing a past life. It helped that you said to let your imagination create the scene, because that seemed to finally work for me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t of Celtic origin, as I saw a stone door with a gold lever for a door knob…It’s been three days now, and I remember this vividly. Thank you so much. “~ M. B., California

Add “Certified Past Life Regression Specialist”
to your list of credentials with this
comprehensive home-study certification training course.

The live training with Mary Lee runs $1,997.00. This product is specially priced at half that:  $999.  For a very limited time, you can get this amazing training at an even deeper savings.

Your Investment:  $799.00.

Please note that if you live outside of the State of Washington, any tax charged will be returned to you.