Have you ever met someone and immediately knew that you could trust them, or that you know that you could be great friends? Alternatively, have you met someone for the first time and were aware that you could not trust them—even when they have given you no cause for such concern?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you understand the subconscious connections that we have with certain people around us. And you know how to sense the energy of people you may have known in previous lifetimes.

We frequently have friends who feel more like siblings, or siblings that feel more like they should be your parents or your children. You may even be married to someone who feels more like a sibling than a passionate soul mate.

Imagine the benefits you may receive by knowing what relationships and roles you have played in past lives with people you now interact with in this life. Through past life regression, you can explore these relationships, thus deepening your understanding of the dynamics at play between you.

Years ago I met Nancy, and I immediately felt that I could be close friends with her. We were both actively exploring our individual past lives, and became aware of many lifetimes we had shared. We learned that we had been sisters many times, as well as lifetimes when she was my mother, at least one when she was my husband, and others when we were friends. The knowledge of our shared history explained more clearly the energetic recognition experienced when we were first introduced.

Similarly, knowing my children’s past lives, and the relationships I have had with each of them, has been a blessing. That knowledge gave me additional guidance in raising them, in encouraging their career paths, in understanding their lessons—and mine! And it has helped to explain certain dispositions, character traits, and interests.

If you are interested in knowing more about your past life relationships with people who are in your life now, be sure to make that request to your past life regressionist. It is simple for the person facilitating your session to make this suggestion to your subconscious mind during the hypnotic induction.

Knowing the past life relationships you have had with people in your life now will deepen your relationship, help you steer clear of toxic relationships, support your efforts in clearing any karma you may have with others, and give you the opportunity to more fully engage in the many aspects of your connections with them.