Past life regressions have brought my clients not only a stronger connection to their life purpose, but a richer connection to their personal core values.

Jayne’s goal for her regression was to be happier and enhance her perspective on life. The two lifetimes she visited had a common thread. In the first, she had been a male potter who sold his wares in a market during the first century A.D. He lived alone, never made much money, experienced poor health, and died young. Yet he had been very happy. He had never felt the need to impress anyone. He had simply enjoyed his own skill and knowledge, and appreciated an opportunity to fulfill a need in his society. He had known instinctively that life was too short to let anything cause unhappiness.

In the second past life Jayne experienced, she was a woman receiving treatment for cancer. She died young in this life as well, and learned a similar lesson: Make the most of each day, because you don’t know how long you will live. The message was not to wait for happiness, and not to think of it as something that might or might not happen in the future—but to create all the happiness she could every day.

Jayne vowed to stop her negative thinking and stop “sweating the small stuff” so that she could live each day in more joy.


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