Planting Seeds and Hearing Your Own Wisdom

A former client called this morning to share his amazing changes that have occurred since our sessions together. He loves how his life is going, yet feels challenged in a different way. He was concerned that other people had difficulty understanding him and how he has changed. He feels people don’t always understand him and the choices that he has made.

During our conversation, he stated that some things have flowed easily in his life, such as making the changes and enjoying the results. Other things have been more challenging, as in when he talks with others about his beliefs, choices, and lifestyle desires. As he spoke, I was sensing that he is attached to the opinions of others, and their capacity to understand something outside their own experience and knowledge base. And then he made the statement that pointed to his lesson in this. He said that when he let’s go in any situation, things suddenly start to flow more easily.

In his case, letting go seemed to be what he needed to be able to understand…and do. And in this short conversation, he found the answer to his dilemma.

A similar experience happens when I am teaching advanced principals in the classroom.

Often, this classroom discussion is the first exposure a student has to certain concepts of reality, spirituality, or human nature. It is not uncommon to see them having a hard time wrapping their minds around the ideas presented, or imagining the experiences I describe.

I have had to learn to be OK with that. Everyone starts somewhere. My job is to teach my students what they have come to the classroom to learn. A learning situation will naturally involve being exposed to new or foreign ideas. So, it is not surprising that some students will not be able to fully grasp everything presented.

It can be similar to the work of Johnny Appleseed. He sowed the seeds of apple trees throughout the Midwest, but his purpose did not involve sticking around to see the trees grow. He sowed the seeds and kept moving. When I teach, I am often simply throwing the seeds out so that the ideas and concepts can take root, and then grow in their own time. As the student becomes more exposed to similar ideas, they will recall that they heard something about that topic before. It will feel more familiar, not so foreign. As the seeds of that awakening take hold, they can begin to integrate the concepts more fully into their own understanding.

The same can happen now for my client. He can express himself, and tell people about his life path and choices, without any attachment to how they will receive it.

In the end, no need for any hypnotherapy, as he found his answers by attending to the wisdom of his own words.