Questions for Self-Reflection

When we greet each other we tend to say, “How are you?”  To that, we politely respond with something along the lines of, “I’m fine, and you?” And that is the end of that. Such an interchange barely scratches the surface, and is by no means an invitation for a conversation that would take one to a richer place or a deeper connection.

What do you imagine it would be like if people greeted each other with, “What is driving you today?” or “Where is your focus?”  or “What are you contemplating?” That, I believe, would remind us to tend to our mind, our process, and our growth.

I invite you to let a higher question drive you during your day.

Here are a few questions that you can contemplate as you go about your day. Let these topics replace your worries and regrets. Let this focus occupy you as you move through your to-do list.

  • What are you here on Earth to be and do?
  • What do you value above all else?
  • What is your purpose in life, and have you charted a clear course to achieve it?
  • What virtues and powers can you call on to manifest these things?
  • Do you know how to overcome obstacles and distractions along that path, heal whatever is in the way, and keep on track so that your life stays rich, focused and meaningful?

Write the answers in your journal, and keep them in mind as you continue through your day.