Radio Interview with Mantz and Mitchell

I was honored to be interviewed on the Mantz & Mitchell radio show with Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell. It starts with a short talk about the death of Muhammad Ali the evening before, and continues on to a discussion of past life regression and related topics.

  • Reflecting on the nature of a spirit reincarnating - those individuals who mean so much to so many - do you bring that in with you?
  • The importance of integrating our life experiences.
  • Do famous people always incarnate to become famous again?
  • Bringing creativity into subsequent lifetimes.
  • Would a fighter like Ali always incarnate as a fighter?
  • How long are you between lifetimes before reincarnating?
  • Why is it important to know about your lifetimes?
  • Why does Suzanne say she was hanging on every word I said?
  • Relationship awareness through past life regression - why we are drawn or repelled by people, the nature of the relationships we have.
  • The difference in goals between attracting a person into your life for a lesson or adventure, and developing a romantic relationship.
  • Why do we forget our lifetimes when we incarnate, and can we learn to remember them?
  • The role of your purpose in choosing your life experiences
  • How we make choices and why is that important in past and between life experiences.
  • Therapeutic value of past life regression, and an example of a client with fibromyalgia.