You Can Create Relationship Magic

Throughout life we cross paths with difficult people, whether it is a boss, a relative, or an acquaintance. And sometimes there are people in our life whom we love dearly, though they are posing a challenge to us at present.

The holidays (or weddings and funerals) only seem to magnify the disparity between you, creating additional stress and strife.

Now there is a tool you can turn to that has had remarkable results in these very situations. It works like magic!

Judy (a pseudonym) and her sisters agreed that they had a hard time getting close to their mother. It felt like there was a barrier around their mother that they just couldn’t seem to breach. The sisters were  sad and missed having a close relationship with her. During our session, I asked my client to imagine her mother standing in front of her, and asked her to describe what she observed.

In her mind’s eye, she saw her mother encased in an egg-like shell, and sensed that her mother had created it to protect herself from emotional pain. In doing so, she also prevented any closeness in relationships, even with her own children.

Through an imaginary conversation with her mother, Judy was able to get a sense of her mother’s emotional state, and the experiences that led her mother to create the shell. She further was able to help her mother clear away the energy that formed the shell.

Judy told me that she was going to wait a week or so before calling her mother, as she wanted to have a chance to integrate what she had experienced in the session.

Yet, two days later, Judy called me with the news that her mother had initiated a call to her. Her mother wanted to announce that she had been doing some contemplation, and had realized that she had not been as emotionally open and receptive to her children over the years, and that she had decided it was time to make some changes.

Naturally, my client was awe-struck by the timing, and how specifically her mother’s announcement related to the work we had done in my office.

We hear a lot about the power of the subconscious mind. Authors like Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, and others marry the wisdom of the ages with modern science, and are sharing wonderful examples of how we can manifest what we want in our lives through this pathway. And now, we can use the same powerful  pathway to improve the quality of our relationships.

Linda (whose name has been changed!) came to my office with a dilemma concerning a co-worker. She reported this person made her work days intolerable, spreading gossip, making snide remarks, and lacking any sense of respect.

Using this same technique, Linda imagined an honest and forthright conversation with this co-worker. She expressed exactly how she had been feeling, how this behavior was affecting her work, and how much better it would be if everyone could cooperate and get along.

Again, the results were remarkable! Linda emailed me the very next day to share that when she got to work that morning, everything seemed different. Her co-worker was being pleasant and courteous, and was not showing signs of the previous uncomfortable behaviors. Linda was amazed and delighted!

While the technique may work somewhat better when facilitated by a trained hypnotherapist, it is certainly something that you can try at home.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Use this tool only with the highest intentions for the best outcome for you both.
  • It is important to be respectful of the person that is creating this challenge. Remember it takes two to tango, so balance any accusations of them with acknowledgement of your own part in this issue.
  • Be honest and clear. Sometimes just contemplating what you want to  truthfully express will shed further light on the issue.
  • Speak directly to the person in question. Remember that there is an energetic connection between the two of you, and there is a part of the other person’s subconscious mind that can hear and respond.
  • When you speak to them, wait for a response. Don’t assume you know their response. Give them the opportunity to understand, learn, change, and grow. After all, that is the desired goal!

So now you can pave the way for happier and healthier relationships at home and out in the world!