What is a fragmented soul? What does that mean?

We can’t really be sure what happened at the beginning of time and space, and there is even a question emerging in new physics circles about whether there was a beginning. But at some point, souls—your soul—was created in a unique perfection that reflects your pure and true self.

I like to use the metaphor of a soul being like a prism of light.

We each have our unique prism that was created to shine brightly and clearly.

Over time and through many incarnations, our experiences cause this prism to acquire fingerprints, dust, mud, and gunk. It even gets nicks and grooves carved in—scars that represent the experiences, traumas, and sorrows that we have all gone through. In some cases, the prism is even shattered or severely fragmented.Soul Retrieval

We all have this occurring—some more dramatically than others. In hypnotherapy and past life regression, we can take care of the fingerprints and gunk, but the nicks and grooves, the shattered and fragmented pieces, require a special treatment, a special technique.

So let’s take this a bit more personal and see how you are doing.

With a pen and paper, please write down an event that was shocking to your system. This can be a humiliation, a bullying situation, an shocking accident, or when your power has been taken from you. It may even be when you have given away your power.

Examples I have worked with have included physical and sexual abuse when innocence or trust was shattered, giving up independence for a marriage, a younger sibling who gave her power over to her older brother, and someone who buried their creativity after having been criticized for their artwork as a child.

Clients will come to me and say things like “I had a great imagination as a child but it was ripped out of me in early grade school. Now I can’t access my imagination anymore, I can’t daydream and be creative. And because of this I can’t connect with my spirit guides, successfully do creative visualization, or access my past lives.”

So, next to your event that you have written down, write a characteristic or trait, talent, gift, or strength that you had that is no longer there. This could have been lost in this lifetime or it could have been lost in a past life. So you may know that there is something missing, even though you haven’t had access to it throughout this lifetime.

These traits that you may find lacking in you can include:

  • confidence
  • trust
  • creativity
  • self-worth
  • imagination
  • ability to express yourself
  • intuition
  • independent thought
  • freedom to be yourself
  • and many more

Please make a note of the trait you feel you are lacking.depression

So what do we do about this? How can we regain these vital and life-affirming traits and shine our light brightly through our own personal prism?

Indigenous tribes around the world have people in place to do this work. They are called shamans, and the work is called Soul Retrieval.

In the manner that I have experienced shamans doing soul retrieval, the client will lay down on a mat. There will be drumming and rattles, and some rituals around cleansing and purification. The shaman goes into trance, lays down beside the client and goes on a journey to find the missing soul fragment. When successful, they bring that energy back, integrate it into the client, and finish with a discussion around what just happened.

That can be affective, but you may imagine that there will be times when this process could be intimidating to the average person.  In my own experience, I came away wondering whether I was really sure about what may have just happened.

Even though the process may have been successful, I was left with questions about how I lost that fragment, why I lost it, where it was found, and how can I be assured I won’t just lose it again? Those are a lot of questions.

After having experienced this process with a variety of shamans, and understanding the energetic principals involved, I created a version of the soul retrieval that is tailored for use in the typical clinical setting with any individual seeking wellness.

I modified this soul retrieval technique so that hypnotherapists can perform this extraordinary and vital service to their clients right within the hypnotherapy session, seamlessly, without rattles and drums, or smudging and rituals.

Not only is it comfortably clinical, it is also client-centered. Like we do in all our hypnotherapy sessions, the client shows the way. Working in dialogue, when the client determines that the trait is missing, the hypnotherapist follows the trail to the origin, whether in this life or a previous one.

Once discovered, we explore how this happened, we gain understanding and take the opportunity to learn. Then, it is the client that determines whether they reintegrate the part, and if so, how will they do it.

It is in my philosophy if I do the work for the client, they won’t learn the lessons that they themselves created. They won’t have the understanding and they won’t know how to avoid similar situations in the future. When we fix it without the wisdom of the lesson, chances are good that they will create the same situation again in the future.

Examples of unlearned lessons may be:

  • giving unearned trust to others
  • believing others opinions about you and/or giving their opinions undue importance
  • blocking relationships, loneliness, and isolation
  • lack of support and reduced resources
  • lack of knowledge or worldly experience
  • under-developed alignment values or virtues
  • laziness, apathy, a sense of giving up
  • choosing convenience or what is right
  • feeling the need to sacrifice self and purposeful path for the sake of others
  • fears, phobias, self-limiting beliefs
  • poor decision-making skills

Now think about the ways that you have been affected by the event that you noted on your paper.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How has this soul fracturing event—and the loss of this trait—affected your decisions, your life path, your choices in friends and lovers, and your career?
  • How has this held you back from being all that you can be?
  • What have you learned along the way due to this fragmentation?
  • What will be the value to you of making this correction in your soul?

The work of Soul Retrieval is most effectively done with a trained and qualified guide. However, I like to empower people and encourage you to do as much work on your own as possible.

If you would like to try recapturing your soul fragment, you can do the following protocol. It is not dangerous to do so alone, but just know that most people have trouble getting through their own “stuff”. Not because they are weak or lack intelligence. It is simply because sometimes things are tightly secured and locked away, and we can’t find the keys!


  • Sit in meditation and focus on the event and the missing trait.
  • What caused this fragment to separate or be diminished? Was it taken from you, given away, or put aside?
  • Remember earlier in your life when you had that trait. How did that feel? If you could visualize it with a shape and color, what would it look like and where is it located?
  • Examine how it got lost or left behind. What allowed that to happen?
  • From the age when you still had the trait, imagine moving through the event holding on to it, not letting it slip away. What do you notice about that? How does it change the outcome of the event? What are you learning as you move through it that way?
  • Imagine carrying that trait with you all the way up to the present moment. How does that change your perceptions and feelings about your life? Does it alter how you handle other situations? How will this empower you in the present and in the future?


cosmic fire

This is a very simplified approach to this technique, yet I hope that it will help you in powerful ways.

It is not uncommon for us to have many, many fragments, tears, wounds, in the fabric of our souls. And it is most powerful to have support and guidance in making these repairs.

Do what you can on your own, and when you are ready for collaboration to achieve your goals of returning to wholeness—to polish up your prism and let it shine as brightly as it is created to be—then please set up a call so we can discuss how we can make that happen!


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