In a recent session with a client, I had the honor and privilege of facilitating a soul retrieval.

During my training, Hypnotherapy: Spiritual Awakening, a student volunteered to let me work on them as a demonstration to the class. This student, who we will call Myra, is a practicing hypnotherapist, energy healer, and intuitive. She explained that while she was certain that she was talented, she was struggling with her self-confidence in being congruent with that belief when talking with others about her services.

How many times have we faced that same dilemma? We know that we have all the education and practice to provide quality service to our clients and patients, yet, for one reason or another we shy away from really owning our gifts. How many times have we given away our power, or had it wrenched from us in some way?

In setting up a soul retrieval we need to identify exactly what is missing, and then go back to where it was lost. Often this takes us into a past life although, of course, these types of events can occur in the present lifetime as well.


Since my client goes into trance very easily, I used a very short induction, and then asked her to go back to a time when she was able to fully experience and express her self-confidence as a healer. She immediately went to a past life experience.

She described herself as a respected healer in her community. She was remembering the end of the life, and said she was being killed. “I should have known. I could have avoided it.”

I asked her to go further back in time to when she had her confidence, well before her execution. In this way, we could have more information about this fragment of her soul before it was lost, to name it exactly, and how it looked, felt, and operated within her.

“It is my self-confidence. The energy is a brilliant light blue. It is a blue circle in my torso, and works its way up to my third eye and crown chakras. It is like a window of sight and power.”

Asking for more details about her life, she continues:

“I am a young woman, in my twenties. Someone in the village died, and they decided it was because I had not done my healing work correctly. They tied me up and burned me. In that moment I was stripped of my confidence. I was humiliated. I believed them.”

I asked her to notice where the self-confidence went when it left her. She said it just dissipated in that moment.

“It can be presented to me any time if I ask.” So she asked, and it was handed to her on pillow, presented to her from her guide. She took a moment to reintegrate that energy into her torso again, where it belonged.

She broke down in tears of relief and gratitude. “For so many lifetimes it has been gone.”

Sun in the hands

I then asked her to imagine that in one hand she held the past life version of herself who still had the soul fragment intact, and in the other hand, she held her present self. I then instructed her to bring her two hands together only so quickly as her self-confidence was able to be present in all the moments between that past life and this present moment. Slowly, over several minutes, her hands came together, bringing that self-confidence she had in that past life, up through every moment, and into the present experience.

She said she experienced grace. That it was humbling and precious.

I asked, “If you were to carry this energy within you each and every day moving of forward, how do you imagine the next 24 hours will be different from what they may have been?”

Myra:  “I will believe in myself.”

Me:  “In a week?”    Myra: “It will be easier to move through life.”

Me:  “In a month?”  Myra: “I will have clarity. I will just ‘know’. I will be able to make decisions.”

Me:  “In three months?”   Myra: It will show in the way I move, act, and talk. It will be evident.”

Me:  “In six months?”   Myra: With a big broad smile she says, “Really good.” And breathes a sigh of relief.

We all have fragments of our energy that have been lost, dissipated, covered up, given away, or stolen. It may be self-confidence, or it may be personal power, creativity, imagination, innocence, or any number of pieces of our character and soul.

What do you imagine may be missing for you? Are you curious to experience a soul retrieval, or learn to facilitate them for others? I would love to hear from you.


    9 replies to "Repairing the Fragmented Soul"

    • Bob Holmes

      What a lovely piece of integration work! Thank you for sharing it.
      Bob Holmes

    • Kemila

      Excellent work. It’s so true that a lot of healers might have the same kind of disempowerment. I’ve learned from this post. Thank you.

      • marylee

        This is true for people in all walks of life, but often people who are drawn to the healing arts have done so for lifetimes. And in some lifetimes people are disempowered or killed for such skill and talent. This can easily lead to soul fragmentation.

    • Jeff

      Hi Mary Lee,
      This article sure did resonate with me. Excellent! I hope someday to make a trip out your way and have you do the same procedure on me.

      • marylee

        Glad you resonated with this article and the procedure. I can do work over the phone or Skype, if you would like to explore that option. And…you are always welcome in Washington!

    • Susan

      Hi Mary Lee, I am reading your book “Hypnosis: A Client-Centered Approach” and ” Throught The Open Door: The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis” which you wrote with Kevin Hogan in preparation for training to become a hyppnotherapist. I also have 2 of your CDs;” Past Life Regression” and “Opening To Prosperity”, and your book “Past Life Regression:A Guide for Practitioners”. I feel as though I know you and that you are a good friend of mine. My goal is to become certified in Past Life Regression and Life Between Life Regression, and your works have been helpful both personally and as a model for my future life as a healer. One thing your article brought up for me is that, on my own I can do no healing. For me, it is my job as a hynotherapy healer to allow the power of my higher Self and my connection to God to heal through me, so that I become a conduit to healing. Does this resonate with you?

    • marylee

      Thank you, Susan – for your kind words and for reading my books! I’m glad you are enjoying them. As for your question about being a conduit, I am of the belief that our clients are the only ones who can truly heal themselves. I simply provide the space, added energy and focus, and hand them the tools along the way. When the client sees the issue clearly, figures out what they would rather have in their life, and chooses the new course, they are much more likely to stay congruent and consistent on that new path. Maybe you will consider coming to Seattle for the training in past life and between life exploration that I offer. The next class starts in March. Two weekends. Best wishes no matter where you get the training. It is all such wonderful work and the world is a better place with heart- and client-centered practitioners such as yourself.

      • Susan

        Thank you Marylee, for your thoughtful response. I do believe that only the client can heal themselves. Perhaps “conduit” was not the right term as it implies that something is coming through me to the client that they don’t already have themselves. What I meant was that my higher Self can recognize the higher Self in the client, and that recognition is what empowers the client to be open to seeing what they would rather have in their life. Thanks for helping me to clairify that.
        I would love to train under you for PLR and LBL training! But first things first. Friday I begin my hypnosis certification program with Bryn Blankinship of Hypnotic Solutions here in NC. It is she who introduced me to your books as required reading for the course. My goal is to become a regression therapist. I have a Master’s degree in counseling, and I believe that hypnosis is a useful adjunct to talk therapy, if not more expedient to facilitating change.
        Again, thanks so much for your response, and for all that you do. And please, make more CDs! Susan Bernardini
        Chapel Hill, NC

        • marylee

          It would be lovely to have you in my classes at some point! And all the best with your training with Bryn. I appreciate having her require my books for her training! I’m honored!

          And just so you know, I am working on a large group of recordings taken from my trainings, which will be available soon. Stay posted!

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