Resting In Balance

Are you seeking balance? Does life feel so chaotic or hectic that a little balance seems like a far-away dream?

If that sounds like your life you may want to consider this.

Imagine standing still, both feet planted on the ground. Allow your body to come into a balanced state. What do you notice? It feels good doesn’t it? And if you continue to stand there, what else would you notice? And if you continued to stand there all day, what would you notice then?  What do you imagine your day would be like?

Perhaps you would say that it would feel as though you were in balance. And you may also say that you would begin to get bored or anxious to move about and do something different.

So too with other areas of you life. If your emotions are in balance long enough, you may begin to seek some kind of thrill – whether it is finding a new lover or watching a scary movie. You would want to feel some excitement , something different.

Balance is a place of rest. A place to center yourself and find your equilibrium. Yet, movement, growth, progress, and expansion all require change and getting off balance.

So if you are still imagining yourself standing there in balance, see what happens when you take a step forward. Forward movement is good – typically. But in this case, in order to take a step forward, you must get out of balance, put your weight on only one foot, bend your knee and stick your foot out in front of you….and then begin to tip until your foot catches you. Even then, your body may still be at a slant and out of balance.

In a sense, walking or running is the same as continually falling and catching yourself with your forward foot.

Forward movement requires that you are out of balance.

So, is being out of balance a bad thing?  Maybe not so much. It is part of the process of living life.

Perhaps what we really want is to come back to center, back into balance, more frequently.  Instead of asking for only balance, try asking for frequent periods of balance. Or you may consider finding ways to achieve balance within your mind and emotions while your business or relationships, or life in general, enjoys a little forward movement.

And, of course, we know that any time we seek or ask for something, it is sending messages to our subconscious mind identifying what we don’t have. And the subconscious mind is very happy to make you right. So as you are seeking it and saying you don’t have balance, your higher self may just be making that statement come true.

The best remedy is to know that balance occurs within you. It is not given to you by anyone else. It is not an award that you will receive once the kids are grown or the house is clean or the projects are all done. It is within you. Now.

So try this: Please read through the following instructions, and then give yourself permission to take 5 minutes to enjoy the visualization.

When you are ready, you can sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a big, long relaxing breath. Take another deep breath, and relax your muscles even deeper. And then begin to imagine what it would be like to be balanced. What is that for you? What is this elusive state of being and what would it feel like if you were to achieve it?

Begin to conjure up all the feelings of that state of balance. Feel it fully in your mind, your body, your emotions, and your energy field. Then turn up the volume on that feeling – make it as intense as you can.

And when you do, realize that you have this feeling at your disposal any time of the day or night. It is yours. No person or event can take it away from you without your permission. And even if you find that you have moved away from this good feeling, any time in the day, you can simply repeat these steps of imagining the state of being, feeling it, and returning here again and again.

When you find yourself in the midst of chaos, you can smile to yourself and tell yourself that you must have been really bored with that state of balance to now be entertaining yourself with this new state of movement. Be gentle with yourself. And when you are tired of being in that state of unbalance, you have a tool now to take a pause in the commotion, and return to balance for as long as you choose.