Wouldn’t it be fascinating to learn what you experienced while in the womb, to know if you chose your parents, and what you had in mind to accomplish this lifetime?

Exploring the time between lives, or regressing to the pre-birth experiences will give you the answers to these questions.

Recalling past lives, and particularly the time between lives, will give you greater clarity about the levels of your awareness during the stages of pre-attachment, embryo, the birth process, and early childhood. You will gain information about the factors that you considered when you made the decision to come into this body and be a part of your present family.

It is astonishing how much awareness and clarity of knowledge the embryo, baby, and child have, in regard to the environment, the people, and the emotions of everyone involved.

Imagine how this information may be useful to you in your life. What would it feel like to understand your decision in choosing your parents? What if you didn’t come here to be with these parents, but to further a talent that would be facilitated within this family? What if your purpose for this lifetime could be revealed by understanding your soul’s intention for this lifetime?

All this is possible through past life and between life exploration.

Fantasy landscape

This knowledge was particularly poignant for a recent client who had been adopted as an infant. Throughout her life she pondered how her mother could have given her away, and why she wasn’t lovable enough for her mother to keep her.

Through the exploration of this client’s pre-birth memories, it was revealed that her own soul had a purpose for her to accomplish, and a purpose for the adoption. She needed to be born into a family that would nurture her goals, but the targeted couple was unable to conceive.

Her guides helped her find a mother who would not be able to keep her child. The mother was a child herself, unwed, and determined to give up the newborn at birth. All the energy and conditions were set from the beginning that brought the desired family into position to adopt this child.

The adoption was not due to the lack of love or being unwanted. It was a part of a bigger, more important destiny. You can only imagine the relief and joy my client felt at learning this fact.

What could you learn about yourself that would be useful? How would it feel to explore youPsychiatrist Examining Patientr pre-birth experiences to discover your purpose for living this life and being a part of this family?

Now you can explore your own past lives and between life experiences, or learn to facilitate these fascinating and amazing experiences for others!

Let’s set up a Discovery Call to determine whether one of my private session programs are right for you, or whether you would benefit from the professional training to become a past life regression specialist yourself!

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