There are numerous methods of remembering a past life. Because the knowledge resides in our own minds, we simply need to find a way of accessing it.

Here are seven of the most popular ways that you can remember previous lifetimes:

  1. During your dream time. I receive frequent reports of people recalling dreams that took place in other eras, where they were wearing period clothes, speaking foreign languages, or experiencing cultural events not of this life.
  2. Spontaneous recollection. During a moment of relaxation, memories and images simply arise that depict past life events.This would, of course, be ideal!
  3. While viewing a piece of art. A scene in a painting may trigger recollection of past life experiences that took place in a similar setting.
  4. While listening to music. Ethnic or folk songs can easily trigger past life recall. Simply relax into the music and allow the notes to carry you away to images of other times or cultures.
  5. Visiting an ancient ruin. Travel of any sort can bring up memories. I have heard many stories from people who have suddenly known how to move through a foreign city even though it is their first visit. Others have had visions or physical sensations that trigger past life recall while relaxing at a ruin or other such place. The energy of the location can bring past life memories to the surface of the consciousness.
  6. During meditation. The memories that are elicited during meditation may come spontaneously, or you can set the intention of past life recall as you enter the meditative state. By imagining the energy of a location or focusing on a person with whom you may have a past life connection, the images and memories may emerge.
  7. Hypnosis. In my experience, regression is greatly facilitated by having a qualified, seasoned guide to support you through the process of a full or lengthy regression. Because hypnosis is a natural catalyst to the process, a guide well-versed in hypnosis and past life regression would be an ideal choice.
    Enjoy your journeys into your past life memories.
    They will surely enhance your self-awareness, deepen your relationships,
    and perhaps explain aspects of your quirky personality! 

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