Unlock secrets within to resolve blocks to your success

Have you ever said or done something that sabotaged the very goal you were aiming for – and you knew it even as it was happening? You gave away your power to a lover, or made the wrong remark to your boss. You want the perfect relationship, but end up with the wrong one every time. Have you felt frustrated that you can never quite get to where you are going, but don’t understand what is holding you back?

The answers to these questions are contained in your subconscious mind. They are locked away from the conscious mind, but not because it doesn’t want you to know. It’s because you haven’t taken the time or made the effort to unlock them yourself!

Maybe you think it would be too painful, or you just didn’t know you could have access to that information. But the truth is: you do have access! You just have to know how to do it. And the cool part is it really isn’t that hard as long as you’re willing to be honest with yourself. Ready to get started?

Common symptoms of subconscious struggle

Your subconscious mind gives you signals all the time. Here are some examples you may have experienced:

  • Visceral response toward certain people. You may meet someone and are immediately attracted or repelled by them. Your subconscious mind may be recognizing the person from a past life experiences, or may be reacting to what it sees in their energy field or aura.
  • Decisions that cause you to become unsettled. You may be drawn to a particular profession or avoid certain situations when your subconscious knows the outcome of that choice. Think back on relationships that went poorly, such as break-ups or bad business deals. If you were totally honest and open to all the intuitive signals you received, you would likely have had all the information you needed to know how it would end within the first hours of meeting that person or undertaking the venture.
  • Self-Sabotaging Behaviors. These are the pesky little things you do or say that are counter-productive to your goals and desires. You may say you want prosperity or to shed those extra pounds, but your subconscious mind has unresolved fears that override all your efforts.
  • Pain and other physical indicators. Aches and pains, recurring colds, and other health maladies are often a last-ditch effort by your subconscious mind to get your attention. When we ignore the subtler signals, our subconscious has to get louder… and louder… and louder. Eventually, this results in chronic pain and illness.

Accessing your subconscious mind

We live in a society of secrets. Ranging from healthy omissions to deceptive and often damaging truths, our withholdings have a tremendous impact on us, and all those around us.

However the most important secrets are the ones we keep from ourselves. They prevent personal and spiritual growth, and require much more energy to maintain than if we were to simply process them and integrate the truth.

A few years ago I developed a technique used in hypnotherapy that I named Reverse Metaphor. It quickly and easily allows the subconscious mind to deliver its message to the conscious mind through storytelling. Using symbolic images, the story is able to bypass critical thought processes to reveal its message.

Much like experiencing a waking dream, Reverse Metaphor encompasses six steps:

  • STEP 1: Decide what question or issue you’d like to resolve. Then sit for a moment in calm meditation while the subconscious mind processes your request. It may be helpful to tape-record your story or have a journal handy to write it down.
  • STEP 2: Set the scene. Begin by choosing whether your story starts inside or outside. Imagine your environment or allow images of your surroundings to come into your mind. If a memory from your past presents itself, start over and allow this to be a “make believe” story.
  • STEP 3: Explore and seek answers. Ask yourself: “What am I doing here?” Continue to simply make up a story, moving through various activities. Take note of what appears.
  • STEP 4: Write it all down. When the story is complete, go over every detail, one at a time. You may even be able to enhance the story at this point. And that’s highly encouraged!
  • STEP 5: Analyze and interpret. For each detail of the story, ask yourself: “If this represented something in my life, what would it be?” For instance, you may notice that you’re walking down a narrow dirt path with tall trees on each side. In the analysis, you may decide it means that you’re choosing a career path not many others have pursued, yet you feel you have strong and stable advisors protecting you every step of the way. Continue the analysis with each detail.
  • STEP 6: Finish up. Review the story as a whole and ask yourself: “What have I learned from this metaphor? What message did my subconscious mind want to reveal?”

Learn more about unlocking the secrets of the subconscious

Establishing a link with the subconscious mind is essential to our self-understanding and growth. In fact, it’s viewed by many as a critical step in the process of healing. The difference is most noticeable when comparing the bright, shiny essence that a human was created to be, to the faded everyday experience of being bound to tradition, expectations, duty, obligation, or misconceptions about reality.