Part I

“Know Thyself” ~ Socrates

In Search of the Bigger Perspective

There are many ways to achieve self-realization and enlightenment, and the most effective ones will include facing uncomfortable self-discovery and taking difficult steps. As the saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

I have set about to do some deep personal work, and as a teacher and spiritual counselor, I want to share my insights and encourage those of you who are ready to join me. My personal pathway includes a lot of past life recall as a primary method of knowing myself. In my 30+ years of experiencing and facilitating past life regressions, I find that this process is the most direct in delivering self-knowledge.

There is an important point about “past life” memories* to share with you. They are no different from “this life” memories, except that we forget them more easily. It is as simple as that.

No one takes them away. We weren’t created with some secret vault to keep us from accessing our memories. No one stands guard to keep us away. And, it is not a sin to remember who we are and what we have done. (I’ve actually heard that. Funny thing is, it came from someone who didn’t believe in reincarnation, but also believed that remembering one’s past lives would be a sin. Do you sense a contradiction?) Moving on….

God Creates Adam

Our soul desperately wants us to be fully aware, evolved, conscious, fully expressed. It speaks to us, pleads with us, through pain, illness, syndromes, anxiety, depression, addiction, frustration, boredom, and on and on. It is screaming “Wake Up! Wake Up!” “Be Magnificent! Be Whole!”

It reaches out to us, as in Michelangelo’s painting. We simply have to do our part to complete the connection.

But we do this to ourselves.

We forget, we block, we put up walls. We work so very hard at it, and it costs a lot of energy to keep this shield in place. We also spend a lot of time just not paying attention. How much of this present life has already been forgotten or has not even found a place in the memory banks because we weren’t present at that moment anyway? Think in terms of the opposite of mindfulness. If you are not mindful of the events and environment of this present moment, how are you to recall it at a later date, especially if that later date is a few hundred years in the future?

The result of this lack of awareness and forgetfulness is disastrous for our soul.

And why is that, you might ask?


  • First of all, we are one soul having a continuous experience. We have one existence, separated by the transition gates of entering or exiting the physical experience, but remain a living soul throughout all, even the time in between.
  • Forgetting keeps us fragmented, thinking that this little me here on planet Earth, in this time frame defined by this one gateway of birth and death, is as good and as powerful as it gets.
  • We are separated from the whole of our Being, alone, floating, untethered. It is like being one facet on a diamond, and not participating in the brilliance of the whole stone.
  • We lose the wisdom and knowledge gained in all those other aspects of ourselves.
  • It is harder to have any clear sense of purpose and mission.
  • We lack the grander perspective of our role in history, our character, personality, relationships, talents, and lessons.
  • We forget that our enemy in this lifetime was once our best friend or beloved child. We don’t understand the undercurrent of animosity with a loved one, because we are unaware of the lifetimes when they betrayed, killed, or abandoned us….or worse, we did harm to them.
  • And most importantly, we fail to know ourselves.

* I put quotes around “past” because we are now understanding that all time is happening right now. I explain this more fully in other works and you can read about that from other reliable sources. All the moments of our existence sit in stasis like frames on a filmstrip. All the events of what we consider our past or future experiences are right there, right now, along that film strip—as well as all the alternative experiences in our field of possibilities (this is where free choice comes in). The point is, they are simply experiences that took place at another time, but technically not necessarily in the past or future. I go into more depth with this concept in my two books on past life regression, and in my live and online trainings.

From August 29th to September 26, 2017, I was on an odyssey through Ireland and Scotland, collecting up pieces of myself and memories of my experiences. 

This trip came at a perfect time in my life, because for many, many months, transiting Pluto was in a dance of conjunction with my Mercury. Pluto is about brutal realizations and deep transformation, while Mercury is about how we think and express ourselves, and also rules travel. When I started watching these two planets come together, I knew there would be profound changes in my perspectives and communication (and even the way that I work and teach), but didn’t realize that it would also usher in transformative travel! So the timing was perfect!

I had been to Ireland twice before in search of connection, but I knew that this time would be different. This time I concentrated in advance, preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually. This sabbatical was going to be all about becoming a new and improved version of myself through remembering my experiences from other lifetimes; not as a regression using trance methods, but simply as recall, like I might remember what I did yesterday. Energy work had been done to lower my walls of forgetfulness, and I was actively inviting the recognition of more parts of me.


What steps can you take to prepare yourself for deep transformation and soul growth?  Do you feel disconnected, fragmented, untethered? Have you forgotten your Self? Do you long for self-realization and the strong connection to your greater soul?

  • Write a journal entry on what you sense about your connection to your Higher Self. Is it strong? Weak? Missing?  Blocked?
  • How much do you know about yourself, your past lives, your soul purpose?
  • What reasons or emotions do you know of or can imagine, that contribute to the walls that prevent you from fully remembering the details of your past lives? (Fear, playing small, hiding, don’t want to feel pain or negativity, others will judge you, don’t want to look at harm you have caused, could misuse your power, too much may be required of you, you would have greater responsibility….)
  • What could you do now to prepare yourself for a positive transformation that would take you to a grander perspective of yourself and your purpose? (Strengthen your courage?  Start a Book of Shadows to track your resistances?)


I know you are busy, so I will leave you with this, and continue in the next post where there will  be more steps you can take on this journey.


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