Spirit Purpose and Life Purpose

Spirit Purpose

Each of us was created with energy that operates in a unique and special way. Some spirits have energy that attracts, and some have energy that inspires. Others have energy that leads, directs, heals, teaches, or manages. Some are seekers; others are gatherers of knowledge or resources. Our particular energy operates in a way that is unique to us.

To get a closer look at your own Spirit Purpose, go into a state of meditation in whatever way you prefer, and consider the following questions.

  • Over your lifetime, in what ways have you naturally used your energy?
  • When you consider many lifetimes, what are your general proclivities?
  • Do you typically:

Draw people into groups?
Disseminate information?
Create and share love?
Break things down to examine their parts or structure?
Create chaos in order to shake things up?
Heal things that are broken or out of balance?

There are many other choices as well. Reflect on how your energy operates in the world to get a sense of your Spirit Purpose. Occupations, hobbies, and other activities may help suggest your basic dominant pattern.

Life Purpose

Within the grander cycle of a Spirit Purpose, each individual soul has a Life Purpose. This purpose, in its truest form, supports the Spirit Purpose. Yet the Life Purpose is more directed toward the activities and environment within one particular lifetime.

A Life Purpose might involve:

  • Learning a lesson such as overcoming a negative pattern or habit (greed, jealousy, violence), or gaining positive character traits (courage, compassion, loyalty)
  • Assisting another person, particularly someone in your Soul Group. When others in your Soul Group are moving forward, it is easier for you to move forward as well. Helping them always brings a personal reward, in addition to the fulfillment of supporting someone close to you.
  • Gaining knowledge about the universe from various perspectives (poverty, royalty, warrior, artist, etc.)
  • Furthering your range of experience to fulfill your Spirit Purpose. Being a healer at the level of your Spirit Purpose might suggest as Life Purpose being an herbalist, a shaman, a dentist, a nurse, a massage therapist, etc.

There are many, many other Life Purposes.

Past life regression is a good way to discover yours, if you have not done so already. During a regression, you may explore your decision-making prior to coming into this life. That will probably illuminate both your Spirit Purpose and your Life Purpose. You may also meet spirit guides who can give you valuable information. Everything that happens in the regression can shed light on your Life Purpose.

Other clues of your Life Purpose may be revealed through examining your childhood desires and games, hobbies, interests, and concerns. Do you recall a sense of urgency about wanting to accomplish a particular goal? Were you frustrated when you couldn’t access or realize certain talents or abilities?

Remember that your Life Purpose may not be tied directly to your occupation. Some occupations are simply what you do for a living, or what you are good at doing, and are not necessarily your purpose for coming into this life.

Do you know what your Life Purpose is? In what ways do your occupation, interests, talents, and relationships give you clues to your Life Purpose or support it?