Strengthen Your Intuition – Part III

This is the third of a three-part article that addresses the subject of strengthening your intuitive skills.

As you know, intuition is an important aspect of the training and products of Awareness Engineering.  In Step One – Know Yourself, we discussed paying attention to your body, your thoughts, and your energy. There were questions to ponder while strengthening your intuitive skills. In Step Two  – Develop your Connection to Reality, we explored ways to be more objective and observant. Ready for Step Three?

Step Three – Act on Your Hunches and Observe

How many times have you said, “I just knew that would happen!”? Just today, as I was leaving the gym after my workout, I discovered that it was pouring rain. And then I thought back to when I was parking the car and ‘that little voice’ said, “It would be a good idea to bring an umbrella into the gym with you.” It seemed silly at the time, as it was a lovely autumn day!

I would be willing to bet similar things have happened to you.

How do you respond? Do you listen? Do you act on your hunches, those gut feelings, or that little voice?
Yes, it can be exhausting, and sometimes you feel silly, doing odd things because you had an intuitive message that directed you to do so. Part of being intuitive requires that you are comfortable being a little different from the rest of the people who would rather be “normal” than to follow their intuition.

If you have a problem with standing out in that way, you may find that your path to intuition is slow and frustrating. That may be why small children are so intuitive and imaginative. They are not limited by the rules of “proper” social conduct. I really hated to use the word “proper” there, because it is so sad to think that what is proper would include shutting out a needed component of such a vital skill. So be playful, let them think you are strange, and follow your natural instincts and gifts.

The more you act on your hunches, the more you can test the results and hone your accuracy.
And then, observe your accuracy and make adjustments. We talked about the importance of objectively noting when your intuition is giving accurate signals and when it is misleading. That is the only way to make corrections and tune up your skills. (Refer to Part II of this article.)

Intuition is a natural ability to be honored, practiced, enhanced, and enjoyed. I trust that the exercises, questions, and concepts presented will give you fuel to speed you along that exciting path!