Strengthening Intuition – Part I

This is the first of a three-part article that addresses the subject of strengthening your intuitive skills.

Step One – Know Yourself

Our bodies are amazing communication devices. We were created with astonishing sensors to discover our world and receive information both subtle and strong. So it is important to get familiar with your personal and unique equipment!

Take the time to really learn what it is like to be in your own body. Too often we are so busy, or so attentive to the outside world, that we forget what sensations we are experiencing and how our body reacts to them. How often do we notice a pain and realize that it has been coming on for a long time – we were just ignoring it? How often does someone bring a sound or visual object to your attention that had been omitted from your awareness?

Stop reading right now and take a breath. When was the last time you aware of your breathing? Think about the taste in your mouth. Now look at your hands. What do you notice? Think, for a moment, about how the backs of your legs feel.In developing intuition is it important to know first what your own body feels like. What is natural and normal? That way you will be able to discern what is a signal or energy coming from another source.

In the same way, become familiar with the nature of your thoughts. What is it normal for you to think? How do you perceive the world? By knowing what is natural and normal for you, you create a “baseline” from which to work. Then, when a new or intruding idea appears, you can begin to learn when these are your own thoughts, or ideas coming from your deeper subconscious, or from exterior beings such as spirit guides or passing entities.

Knowing your energy levels and patterns intimately allows you to understand whether any fluctuations are due to internal changes or external influences. Be aware of the energy that you emit into the world. What is the quality, intensity, “feel”? Does it contain symbols, shapes, colors? Can you manipulate this energy? Can you control it? How does it feel when other energies intrude? What does that mean and how can you regulate the effect it has on you?

These are all great questions to ask yourself during your meditation time, or when you are writing in your journal.

Stay tuned for Part II.