Tarot for Wisdom and Insight

There are many ways that the Tarot cards can bring insight and wisdom into your life. The typical perspective on the use of Tarot cards is that they are used for telling fortunes or divining the future. While that can be true, and quite honestly still amazes me after all these years, there are a variety of other purposes for which you can apply Tarot readings.

A client came to me with a painful relationship issue. She has been married for more than a decade and wanted to know why her husband was becoming so distant. Their communication had waned, and their sex life was in trouble.

Of course, she was curious whether he was having an affair, or whether he was no longer in love with her.

These are difficult readings, as you can imagine. For several reasons, I make it my policy to not reveal such transgressions as an affair through reading the cards. More on this topic later, because the focus of this article is on using the cards for transformation.

This reading revealed that at the foundation of this relationship issue was a powerful call to action. While it may be interesting to go over the minutia of “he said, she said”, who’s at fault and what’s to blame, that is really all just gossip and speculation. What is really relevant is how both parties are playing out a “drama” that has a deeper, more profound, message.

When things are not going well in anyone’s life, the surface activities and events are really metaphorical dramatizations for the underlying current of needs and desires that the soul is urging you to fulfill. When the personality of this incarnation (you, the actor) is not fully expressing the potential desired by the soul, obstacles, blocks, illness, and other challenges will surely appear. Most of these are self-created, while occasionally another person will step in and provide “do us a favor”.

This is one of grandest gifts of relationship – the opportunity to grow through the inevitable challenges that are presented.

In the case of my client, we discovered that her husband was actually frustrated in his own life, and without knowing how to fix it, he withdrew and became distant. He was in a career that was not providing the fulfillment that he had expected and had no time left over to enjoy his favorite pastimes.

We know that we can’t change another person, but we can encourage them to be all that they dream to be. So, naturally my client was encouraged to support her husband’s ability to pursue some of his interests.

And more importantly, the reading revealed that she too was not fulfilling her soul potential. She had set aside her own purpose in order to be a supportive homemaker and mother. This had created underlying resentment and sadness. She kept it tightly under control for the most part, but it would leak out in the form of a marital argument over some trivial unrelated issue.

So while the marriage appeared to be in trouble, the problem was really two souls who were desperately fighting for their individual expression through the personality of this lifetime. And through the Tarot cards, we were able to pinpoint the areas of frustration, and the path to transformation and growth.

In this case, the path was through bringing conscious awareness of the specific areas of frustration, opening communication in the relationship, reconnecting with the passions and purpose of the soul, and taking specific actions that were revealed in the reading.

By the end of the reading, my client commented that her original questions now seemed amusing, and she was feeling confident in her marriage. Her focus had now turned to her excitement about the fresh perspective on her path and she felt empowered to create a more fulfilling life.