Tarot Images & Past Life Regression

The symbols and images found on Tarot cards can have correlations to a wide range of subjects, situations, and events. Whether or not you are well-versed in the meanings of the Tarot cards, you can allow them to give you hints and enhance your imagination. They may even communicate directly with your subconscious mind through their images and symbols, connecting to deeper wisdom or long forgotten knowledge that is no longer in your conscious awareness.

Tarot cards can be used to access past life memories in a couple of different ways. When you are familiar with the meanings of the cards, you can do a regular Tarot spread and reading with the intention that the message will be about the events, conditions and people from a past life.
Another way to use the card to access past life information requires no knowledge of the use of the cards.

Here is a suggestion that you can try:

•    Chose a deck that you are not particularly familiar with.
When we are using a deck that we normally use for our readings, we have an intellectual knowledge of the images, and our left brain goes right to the learned definitions. When using an unfamiliar deck we can more easily disengage from our learned definitions and rely more on our imaginations.

•    Consider choosing a combination of different decks.
If you have acquired a small collection of decks, or have access to decks from your friends, you can play with using them in combination. The variety of styles, images, and symbols can add dimension and depth to your impressions.

•    Lay the cards in front of you, handy and available. They can be in piles or spread out. Become quiet in your mind and your body. Focus your thoughts on your intention to learn more about a previous lifetime.
If you have a specific time period or location of a previous lifetime in mind, you can focus your attention on those details. If not, just focus on the quest in general. Remain open and curious, without judgment or expectation.

•    Choose one or more cards and lay them before you.
Calmly and objectively gaze at the images. Notice all impressions that you get, whether they make sense or not. You may want to make notes on your impressions.

•    Close your eyes, take a breath, and go into a meditation, allowing the images, thought and feelings from the Tarot cards to float through your awareness.
No need to hold onto those images, just let them come in and out of your awareness for a few minutes.
•    Tell yourself a story.
While still in meditation, allow your subconscious mind to reveal a story to you. You don’t need to know where it begins or ends, or control what happens along the way.  Just allow it to unfold passively as though you are watching a movie. Don’t worry about whether this story is factual or fictional. In the beginning it is simply an exercise. Over time you will be able to discern the difference between memories and make believe. And anyway, much of what we think we remember in our lives can be distorted or simply our perceptions of what actually happened. So be gentle with your Self and just allow the story to be what it is.

Over time, and with practice you will be able to achieve more reliable and accurate results.