Professional Training

I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. I feel as though I received a wonderful introduction to hypnotherapy (MaryLee Labay style!) I am looking foreword to taking the next 50 hours in the fall. Thank you for your time and expertise… I truly mean that.
Most impressively, I am now re-reading the dozen or so books I had previously purchased on hypnotherapy, and I am UNDERSTANDING the concepts being discussed. This is thanks to your patient teaching style and very generous display of knowledge. I am beginning to successfully integrate techniques and ideas into my current client session work.
~Jeremy Mazak, Student of Hypnotherapy: Transformation & Healing


Thank you again for such an incredible experience. You are an amazing teacher and mentor and I walked away from the class with invaluable tools that will forever impact me in this field of work. I am committed to take the second course you will be teaching this month and I really am passionate about my Hypnotherapy training and want to further my knowledge.
~ Mariah Vlach, Student of Hypnotherapy: Awareness & Integration

I feel honored to have studied with you. I am overcome with joy and excitement when I think of the work and transformation that I can facilitate using this powerful work. The group was so connected and the space was sacred.
Thank you for all of your gifts and knowledge. I am overflowing with gratitude and love for this healing art.
~ Marissa Castello, Student of Hypnotherapy: Awareness & Integration

I left yesterday feeling as if my life had been enriched by all the information the classes provided, but even more so because of the great group of individuals that came together this class.Thank you Mary Lee for sharing your knowledge with us, and thanks to everyone who so openly let us share in their experiences. It would be wonderful to cross paths again!
~ Lyn Whitsell, Student of Hypnotherapy

Other Events

Hypnotherapist and author Mary Lee LaBay guided thirty plus participants at East West Bookshop in Seattle through an evening session focused on experiencing their past liveswith a specific focus on relationships. She posed the question, “What would it be like to find out how and why you were involved with a person in a past life BEFORE you got involved with them in this life?
Before leading the past life regression, guided meditation, Mary Lee explained how it would work and why it works to an eager yet somewhat skeptical audience. She also suggested that we each needed to trust our imagination in order to really gain access into the process.
Then we were off in what for me was a spectacular experience. I, however, have been working with past lives for decades, so I simply need an intention and a safe space to make the leap. Others in the room had interesting experiences, which Mary Lee was happy to help them understand following the regression.        ~ L. Steven Sieden, Cultural Trends Examiner

Wisdom of the Tarot

Thank you Mary Lee for teaching us the Tarot class that lead me to this ancient art of wisdom.  You consolidate your decades of experience and insight into this class and summarize each cards in a succinct, meaningful way that new users are easier to remember and compare.  You blended humor and fun stories into the class, also compiling a classmates contact information, making the class a fun experience as well as a networking opportunity.
Since then I have been practicing Tarot skill very frequently, if not on a daily basis according to your home work assignment, it is in deed very useful even though I am just starting learning it.  The only thing I regret is that I should have done more initial reading/studying before going to your class and so could have benefit more from your master reading of the spread.
~ Jenny Chen


Mary Lee is an excellent instructor and although this was my first experience with Tarot cards she created an amazing learning experience!   It was incredible to end the two day course and realize that we had learned the major and minor arcanas which make up the entire deck.
We were able to complete readings during the 2nd half of day two which delighted our class as we had learned so much in two days.  It was only due to Mary Lee’s ability to organize the information and give meaning to each card explained that allowed the ability to grasp everything in such a short time.
I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn Tarot, expand their awareness, or continue their education with the use of these tools to get messages and guidance for their life, their loved ones, or their client’s lives.
~ Heather Chan, Life Coach, Spirit Reader/Medium

Meet Ups and Workshops

“Thank you for the wonderful seminar this past weekend! Saturday’s PLR taught me my life purpose, and my past self explained how 5 people closest to me are in my life to help me achieve that purpose. Blew me away!

I thought it was very interesting to learn my life purpose in my third ever PLR. I had assumed it would take a while before I could get such profound insight. Then last night I read all the notes I wrote during your workshop and noticed that, as per your instructions, I had listed my intentions for the Sat PLR, and I had also circled 2 of them — “remove energetic blocks” and “learn my life’s purpose”. I don’t remember writing that list! Comforting to know that I am already on the path to my divine purpose. Until Saturday, I thought it might be a crazy diversion but now I feel confident that it is important. Thank you for that.

I bought your book and am enjoying it. Lots to learn. Thank you.”

~ LP, attended a weekend Past Life & Beyond workshop at East West Bookshop, Seattle

Thank you so much for the meet-up last night. You are fabulous & amazing!! Once again, I feel as if I gained a bit of insight from the trance & feel that it cleared some energetic blocks. I feel so much lighter this morning. Also, you handled the “interruption” so well with your words while guiding us back into trance state. I came out of trance but with your comments I was able to put things in perspective & created my own experience/outcome.

I had picked the 3 of swords & was at first confused about how this could relate to purpose. And then when I began writing, I came up with a few insights (although I’m curious – why are there 3 swords, not 1 or 2???) When I saw the blank book, I decided that I needed to put the card into the book and place it on a shelf, so that I can move forward without carrying the heartache with me. It felt so right to do that. I can keep it aside & not let it affect my daily life, and if I choose to return to it, I can simply take the book off the shelf & study it with a compassionate heart, helping it to release itself. Just wanted to share that with you.

~ Attendee from Meet Up group

Private Sessions (Names withheld for confidentiality)

Client dealing with hoarding and standing up for self
I am totally exhausted, but have stood up for myself and been strong with my sibs.  I have also been able to prioritize the items I ‘need and want’ and not just take things for myself unless I can use it.  They have been amazed at how quickly I have been able to sort through (my mom’s) stuff.  It is good practice for when I do it at (my) home.  I do not want my kids doing this. We have gotten through much, but there is still so much to do.

Thanks for the nice words of encouragement!  And I know I would not have been as strong and accomplished in this without our sessions!


Client working on relationships
i want to thankyou today..i really enjoyed our session. you are so nice, and i felt very comfortable with you. very interesting session sure found out about me!!! it all makes sense…i realize what ive been doing with (friend) is the right path for me…and ishall continue my own growth..and not go back. the future will be interesting thats for sure…but in my peaceful space…ill be ok. again many thanks…


I am extremely interested in doing the Past Life training cd course after reading ‘Past Life Regression’ & ‘Hypnotherapy..a client centered approach’ with great enthusiasm. Thank you, they are wonderful!!
I am a hypnotherapist here in Tasmania, Australia and have had terrific results using some of the skills gained from your books. I am always open to new knowledge to bring my clients the best experience that I can and am looking forward to working with ‘past lives’, as it is in line with my own spiritual beliefs.
Thank you for sharing your gifts.
~Joy Dunn, Breaking Wayves Healing Clinic