The Iceberg Metaphor

What if you had access to all knowledge and information that ever existed?

Our conscious mind represents only a small fraction of our experiences and comprehension. Our subconscious mind holds the memories of our past existences and may even be connected to a larger “network” of information that exists in the cosmic atmosphere.

Think of it like this:

Our conscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg, peeking out above the surface. Although all we can see is the part that’s above the surface, that isn’t all that’s there. Underneath lies the remainder of the iceberg, or our subconscious, which has been shown to be connected to a larger, more complex system of knowledge and wisdom.

By accessing your subconscious mind, you can begin to create clarity in your life, unmask parts of yourself that would otherwise remain hidden, and help to create deeper meaning for your journey.


  • Name three times you have experienced knowing something that you didn’t know you knew.
  • Name three times you have had a feeling that you recognized someone, even though you have never met before in this lifetime.
  • Practice being aware of these knowings and feelings and begin to trace them to a deeper place of wisdom.

You can learn how to tap into the information and memories that lie beneath the surface by experiencing specially tailored applications of  Hypnotherapy.

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