The Inevitability of Imagination

It’s time to accept it. You need your imagination. In fact, it is a vital aspect of your daily life.

Without imagination, you would not be able to think, communicate, reason, make a plan…basically live your life.

If we were dining together and I asked you to pass the salt, what would happen? Wait, before you even answer that, when you read the question what happened in your mind? Did you get an image of the two of us at a table, a salt shaker, and the motion of locating the salt shaker, picking it up and handing it over to me?

So, we aren’t even there, and you imagined the whole scene just by reading it here on my blog. Imagine that!

So now think about what would have happened if we were at the table and I made the same request…but this time you had no imagination. What would my words mean to you? Could they mean anything? How would you respond and how would you be able to identify the salt shaker or know what was expected of you even if you could?

Fun, huh?

When I am teaching a class on past life regression, or even speaking with a client, I will eventually get the question, “If we are supposed to imagine a past life, then how can it be real?”

When you think about your childhood memories, you are conjuring them in your imagination. When you are responding to my request for salt, you are processing that in your imagination. Are those not real?

Imagination becomes all the more important when practicing intuition and psychic abilities. Like learning any new skill you may not be fully flawless in your attempts until you have gained enough practice. You will need to hone your talents in using your imagination in certain circumstances. If you think about it, you spent the first years of your life linking spoken language to your imaginative skills and understanding. So in linking your imagination with communications with spirit guides or recalling memories from many centuries ago, you can expect that it will require some practice. There will be mistakes, and as you practice you will improve.

Just keep in mind that the foundation to all these life skills is a fertile imagination.

You already have a good imagination. It just may need some respect and TLC.

Client-centered hypnotherapy sessions will help you to quickly develop your imagination along with your intuitive senses. I would enjoy exploring the possibilities with you in a free 30-minute Discovery Call.