Before beginning any journey, it is good to be clear where we are going and what we want to get out of the trip. In the same way, when embarking on the journey of discovering who you are and what are the experiences tucked away in your very soul, it is a good idea to have an idea of the terrain. What can you experience, what might you remember?

Here is a map, of sorts, of the benefits people have experienced as a result of self-discovery through past life regressions. This may give you a glimpse of the many adventures you may encounter as you explore your own lifetimes.

Like all heroes’ journeys, discovering our past lives can be both uncomfortable, and tremendously fulfilling and exhilarating. Why undertake it? The rewards of past life regression are gifts we give ourselves—for our soul’s ever-increasing capacity to experience joy, love, and esteem, and for our spirit’s ultimate enrichment.

The benefits are seen and unseen, known with the mind and with the heart, spiritual, psychological, emotional, and material. Of course, the richest benefits will be those that are most important to you, and that you seek out deliberately.

What do you want to take away from this process? What gifts are most precious to you? If you could get anything you wanted from past life regression, what would that be? That is the gift you will give yourself. Add your answers to these questions to the benefits listed here.

  • Richer relationships
  • Understanding your children, significant others, friends, co-workers, and family members
  • Remove blocks to romance, career goals, personal empowerment and more
  • Learn about your soul group – who are your twin souls, or your soul mate?
  • Heal a phobia, unexplained pains, chronic symptoms or illness
  • Understand the origin of birthmarks, personality traits, opinions and perspectives
  • Get clues to your purpose, and why you chose this life or even your family
  • Have clarity around your character and values
  • Why you have certain challenges or are blessed with specific talents
  • Personal growth through greater self-knowledge
  • Broader perspectives through having revisited a wider range of experiences and cultures
  • Personal change through know knowing your past life choices and decisions, and how to improve upon them this time
  • Regain personal empowerment
  • and so very much more!


How clear is your own personal map? Do you know where you have been and who you are? Where are you on your journey – and are you enjoying it?