The Power of a Smile

Did you know there is a powerful connection between your body, mind, and emotions? This connection has the ability to control your moods, your cell regeneration, your stress levels, and so much more.
What if you could harness this power to create the health and happiness that you desire to experience?
Try this quick experiment: Put a normal, neutral expression on your face and take a moment to notice the feelings and sensations in your body, and in the quality of your energy.
After you have explored how you feel in a neutral facial expression, put a big smile on your face. Hold that smile for a minute or so as you once again assess how your body and energy levels feel.
Most people report feeling a surge of energy, feeling happier, and that the world seems to be a better place – a rather noticeable adjustment for something as simple as a smile!
By changing the position of your body, you can change your mood and attitude. By changing your mood and attitude, you can change your stress levels. By changing your stress levels, you can change your health, relationships, and even what you attract into your life.
What can you change today – right now – that will bring improvement to your life?