As many of you know, I lead a retreat in Puerto Rico in November. It was great to return to an island that is close to my heart. I lived there about 40 years ago and have such fond memories of that tropical paradise.

At the beginning of the retreat, each participant spent some time honing their clarity about their intention for being there. It was interesting to see that, for the most part, intentions were fairly vague. Responses ranged from “It sounded like a fun idea to come to the retreat”, or “I hope I can grow and change or get over a block in my life”.

With further discussion, intentions were sharpened and made deliberate. Then, as the week unfolded, the magic really began. It was like watching a movie where every event, circumstance, and interaction seemed to conspire to bring to focus the lessons and growth opportunities relating to each person’s stated intention.

If I needed proof that setting an intention is powerful, that was certainly provided to me during the retreat week.

To set a solid intention for your day, your year, or your life, you will first determine the goal that you wish to achieve. What is the end game? What will be an optimal outcome?

This goal is like a bull’s
eye on a target. It is the direction you will face, and where you will aim.

Your intention is your arrow. You will load that arrow with your focus, determination, energy, desire, and actions, and let it fly toward your goal.

The root of the word intention is “tend” or “intent”. Both are derived from the French and Latin words for “stretch out, strain, or aim”. Perfect words to describe how you handle your bow and arrow!

What is your goal? What would you like to accomplish today? This last month of the year? The coming year?

What will be your intention? How will you stretch and aim, with your focus, determination, energy, desire, and actions, to achieve this cherished goal?

When we are deliberate in our goals and intentions, we have a greater opportunity to achieve them. This achievement may be accompanied by changes, challenges, and a moving landscape as the universe bends to create this new reality archery-smaller-cropfor you. However, you have stated that it is your desire and your will to have the wonderful results that you seek.

Take aim. Let your arrow fly! Keep your sight on the bull’s eye and your feet moving in its direction.

I promise it will make life more interesting and the rewards richer!

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