The Power Of Your Intuition

Intuition is a part of our nature. It comes installed! The trick, however, is to learn to use it .

Maybe you are like me. I don’t like to take the time to read the entire Owner’s Manual when I get a new gadget or download a new program. I like to play around with it, and tend to only learn as much as I need to complete my next task. Sort of a need to know basis.

As you can imagine I have a lot of gadgets and programs with a lot of capability that I don’t even begin to tap into.

The same will apply to our intuitive senses. We all have the capability and the program, but have not taken the time to really explore how to use it properly or harness its full potential. Of course, our intuition did not come with an Owner’s Manual. While it would have been helpful to have that information handed down to us through oral traditions and community shamans, that hasn’t been the case for most of us.

We are left to explore it ourselves. The first place to start will be our own senses.

Our bodies, and the world around us, will give us all the signals we need to negotiate through life. Our physical senses are a gross representation of our more subtle psychic senses. There is a sight that does not require eyes, and feelings that do not rely on the nervous system. It takes focus and practice to tune into those more subtle senses.

Additionally, physical pain, dysfunctional relationships, career problems, addictions, and so forth, are all symptoms that indicate to us that something isn’t working at a deeper level.

Our nerves tell us that the flame is hot. Our mind interprets that signal and tells the body to remove your hand from the flame. Simple enough. But when it comes to other parts of our life, we make mistakes in the interpretation or fail to act.

Most people fail to even register the signal to begin with. Intuition is ignored in favor of those things we are addicted to – relationships, treasures, ego protection, and so forth.

As an example, almost every client who comes to the office with trust issues in relationships admits that they had all the information that they needed within the first hour, date, or couple of dates, to determine that the relationship would end badly. They chose to ignore that intuitive knowing because they favored something else as more important. They were lonely, thought they would be the exception, figured maybe this was as good as it would get, or some other excuse.

We have all done it…plenty of times. And then we blame the other person, life, the gods, or whoever else…because surely it wasn’t our own fault!

Ignoring intuition is also demonstrated when we say we have 20-20 hindsight. We look back at situations, such as financial troubles or health issues, and think that we should have seen it coming. In hindsight, we can see that there were signals that would have warned us, if only we had paid attention.

Why do we ignore our intuitive senses? Most often it stems from fear – it wouldn’t be polite, others won’t like me, I will seem weird, it doesn’t make practical sense, that doesn’t follow tradition, it’s too great a risk, it is out of my comfort zone.

And sometimes we ignore our intuition out of laziness – it takes too much effort, I’ll do it later, it’s too inconvenient right now.

Take a moment to look back over an event or two, really examining the signs and signals that appeared just before it occurred. For instance, look at a relationship that broke up, getting let go from a job, an investment that went sour. And then, answer these questions honestly.

•    What would you have known in advance if you had paid attention to the signals?
•    In what way did you receive the signals – through environmental clues, feelings, visions?
•    What were your emotions or thoughts that kept you from attending to those signals?
•    What action could you have taken if you had heeded your intuition?
•    How might that have changed the outcome for you?

What could you do in the future to participate more fully in your inate intuition?