I originally wrote this as I was preparing to spend three weeks in Peru. While we explored this fascinating country I personally worked on connecting with my past lives I suspected that I have had there.

Our journey took us 200 km up the Amazon River to work with shamans and healers (Curanderos) in the jungle. We learned about their ways, while sleeping in hammocks in the open, under only mosquito nets, and bathing only in a murky tributary of the Amazon.

Being a city girl, this adventure stretched my soul and expanded my consciousness in more ways than I anticipated!

Later in the journey, we headed up to Cuzco, high in the Andes, and then to Machu Picchu to connect with the sacred sites and move even deeper into our memories and experience. There were ceremonies throughout including the celebration of Summer Solstice in this enchanting land.

Here are some ways I was able to connect with my past lives, even when “on the road”.

Be aware of the environment, the energy, and the air of the location. Remember that the area may not look anything like it did when you had a life there, as civilization and technology change, and buildings are constructed and destroyed, trees grow large and are cut down or die. Be prepared to use a lot of imagination as you take in the scenery as the changes may be far too drastic to recognize.

Allow your mind’s eye to incorporate energy, activities, and scenes from ancient times. Know that the scenes you may envision and remember from a location may not be ones discussed in history books, just as your daily life here and now is not necessarily what is recorded for posterity.

Notice the texture and feel of the air, and the way the sun lands on the earth. Touch the rocks, the earth, and the waters. Meditate and allow yourself to be transported to memories of distant times.

I am leading a group to Peru – Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Nazca Lines – in July 2013. See the Calendar for details.