Is This On Your Bucket List?


Machu Picchu * Cuzco * The Sacred Valley * Shamans

For many of us, those words speak for themselves.

Whenever I saw photos of Machu Picchu my heart would long to experience its energy. I could imagine myself touching those rocks, wandering through those spaces, and accessing the quality of memories that is only available from being on location.

Finally, in 2008 I traveled to Peru with a group of people on a spiritual quest. The above picture is one I got to take from an amazing perch above Machu Picchu. During that trip, traveled to the Amazon jungle, and then climbed in the Andean mountains, discovering Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

It was life-changing!

Machu Picchu 6

In 2013, I returned with a group of my own, to share these types of experiences with others in my tribe who are drawn to similar hands-on adventures. On this trip, we skipped the jungle, and instead flew over the Nazca Lines and visited Lake Titicaca.

I have traveled the world, and in most cases once I have been to a place, I like to move on to new ones. But there is something that draws me, time and again, to visit Peru.

Is it the energy? The beautiful, friendly, smiling faces of the natives? The encounter with llamas, alpaca, and the spirits of the sacred ruins?

Machu Picchu 5

Here is a post I wrote after that 2013 trip, that reflects the texture and quality of the memories that are formed when traveling to this unique location:

The Sacred Valley

Experiences with Shamans

The Nazca Lines






Machu Picchu 3


Peru is filled with color and texture. The cobblestone streets, the shining gold in the Spanish cathedrals, and the alpaca with their huge eyes, long lashes, and soft hair. The brightly colored native costumes woven in intricate patterns and worn with a funky black hat. The energy and texture of the stones that define Machu Picchu. And the unique feel of the air.

Peru will change you. It just may tug on your heart as it has with me.

If your bucket list includes having personal experiences with Peru – Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and the Nazca Lines – please click here now!  This tour is scheduled for July 2016.