Ushering in Aquarius & a Greater Sense of Purpose

Big changes have arrived along with the shift into Aquarius, to put it lightly. The world watched as the 45th American president was sworn in on Friday and as thousands of women and men marched down streets in cities across the country on behalf of women’s rights the very next day.

As we adjust to the changes taking place all around us, and as we observe the tension and discord between our neighbors and fellow citizens, it is all the more important that we establish our roots – past and present – to avoid getting swept away by strong emotions. Although current events may make you want to turn away, it is important that we stay engaged.

Regardless of whatever political beliefs we each hold, Aquarius calls on us to cultivate mindfulness and to expand our awareness in order to navigate the energy shift gracefully. The Universe is waiting for you to be fully present and facilitate the change you wish to see in the world.

One way to cultivate awareness of the big picture is through past life regression. We are all on a hero’s journey to fulfill our soul’s purpose; by exploring our past lives we become able to expand our awareness of our grander purpose and how we can fully express it. Perhaps you are meant to be a leader, or a peacekeeper; perhaps you will be a voice of reason or an agent of change; or perhaps your place in the tapestry of life is as a healer, helping others to work through their challenges. Regardless of your role, the Siren’s call is to step into it and engage soon.

Cultivating mindfulness through past life regression also has more personal and immediate benefits: personal difficulties no longer seem as dire, as we begin to see things in the context of the evolution of our society at large. When you view your present hardships through this perspective, you can work through them more easily and turn individual problems into a communal process – in other words, we connect with the collective unconscious and contribute our experiences to the greater flow of energy.

Aquarius is considered to have intellectual energy, is strong-willed, but fair and honest. The sun sign also harbors humanitarian vibes – a side effect of that big picture mentality. While exploring your past lives, you will discover how you have played a part in the shaping of your community in the past. Were you someone who was aloof and disconnected from society, or were you a part of a larger movement that shifted society in a new direction and evolution? Connecting with the energy of Aquarius in this season may propel you to forge a stronger sense of your role in the larger community and inspire you to lend energy to a greater cause. It can also encourage you to be a free thinker who refuses to be confined to a label. The only person who can confine you is you; break yourself free and discover your full potential!

To begin uncovering your past lives and your greater purpose waiting to be discovered within, visit my Past Life Regression Therapy page to see how I can help guide you through the discovery process.

I will also be joining Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell at 1150 AM KKNW for a radio interview from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. on February 4, 2017. I will be taking calls to answer any questions you may have on past life regression, personal awareness, and more. I look forward to connecting with you then!