Using Tarot Cards

Using the Cards
Having used the Tarot cards for over 30 years (should I really be admitting that?), I have found them to be a tool beyond conceivable value.  The Tarot can be used to connect us to our inner wisdom and can serve as a tool to increase intuition. They provide powerful insights leading to self-discovery and transformation. What do you imagine you could discover if you were to acquire this powerful skill?

Through the Awareness Engineering approach, you have the opportunity to learn to read Tarot cards in a rapid and grounded manner, gaining immediate recognition of the significance and meaning of each card at the end of just one day. Combining the ancient meanings with modern applications, the traditional layouts with cutting edge philosophy and counseling techniques, the Awareness Engineering approach to reading Tarot cards is unique, applicable, and accessible.

For Good or For Evil?

A frequent question is whether the cards are on the side of good or evil. We could ask the same question of a knife. Is a knife good or evil?

A knife can be used to cut wood for a fire, cut meat for your dinner, or help a doctor perform surgery. On the other hand, a knife can be used to commit crimes and cause grief and pain. So is it good or evil?

The answer lies in the hands of the person holding it. It is the same with the Tarot cards. Whether a person holds a stick, a knife, a contract, or cards, the value, purpose, and intent are all determined by the person wielding them.