Those of us in Seattle are still enjoying the afterglow of a Super Bowl victory. Go Seahawks! And yesterday, an estimated 700,000 fans withstood temperatures hovering at 21 degrees during a day of celebration.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big football fan. You can ask my husband. I can find plenty of other things to do during a football game. However, with our home team going to the “Big Game”, and playing against the Denver Broncos—a city where I grew up and my kids were born—even I could get excited.

Yet, as a personal development coach and hypnotherapist, I was also on the alert for lessons we could all take away from the game. For me, I was reminded that as easy as the Seahawks made it look to take home the prize, there was a mountain of hard work that supported that success.

How often do we see successful people, and think that they were lucky, or that their success was a sudden event. We see an actress who became “famous overnight”, or an entrepreneur who “struck it rich”. These ideas lead us to think it happens in a flash; that they are the chosen ones and we are not.

But is is not about being chosen. It is about working toward a valuable goal and breaking through any obstacles that get in the way.

fitness woman running seaside

The Seattle Seahawks’ victory at the Superbowl was a battle of unstoppable force versus the immovable object. We saw one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, Payton Manning, lead his team against a pack of hungry, decisive and relentless young players whose fans broke a Guinness World Record for being the world’s loudest.

Does your life ever feel like that? Like you have to be an unstoppable force against the immovable objects that block your personal, creative, or financial success?

The road to victory was never easy. It was bereft of comfort, fame, or glory. The Seattle Seahawks know what it’s like to deal with defeat again and again—from losing Super Bowl XL to failure to clinch a playoff spot three years ago. They know well what it takes to push through to become champions.

And just like the Seahawks, we frequently face the roadblocks of rejection and frustration that pop up and prevent us from reaching our goals. Life can feel as though it was created just to defy and defeat us. When we adopt that attitude, our subconscious mind will happily comply to bring us experiences that match that paradigm. Everywhere we look we will see how life crushes us and breaks our dreams.


Yet, if we understand that the obstacles are there to make us stronger, to prove our determination, to make the victory sweeter…that is what we will receive from life. Yes, we will work harder, and yes we will acquire new strategies, strengthen our skills, and find creative ways to put everything in place to achieve the sweetest victory.

The Seahawks did not become Super Bowl Champions by accident, luck, or fate. They won by adjusting, honing, strengthening, changing, overcoming, and relentlessly chasing their dream. Are you willing to become the champion of your own challenges? Are you willing to be fearless, determined, and relentless in chasing your own dream?