Can We View the Future?

I received an interesting question about future progression, and whether we can view our future in the same way that we can view past lives through past life regression.

There was a news story of two pilots who died in an accident when their aircraft crashed into a building during a performance an air show. One of them, in his childhood, had made a painting showing a similar event happening. Can we call this intuition? Can our mind foresee future happenings? I have heard about hypnotic future life progression. Is it true and has it been verified in some cases? What is your experience about this phenomenon?
Answer by Mary Lee LaBay:
While our understanding of the way that Time operates is ever-evolving, at present there is a consensus among the more cutting-edge physicists that all Time is Now. In other words, we could imagine time as a pool of individual moments. An important function of our consciousness is to allow us to move through that pool in a seemingly chronological order – in order to maintain sanity and to keep our bearings.

There are also advanced concepts that there are parallel universes, or multiple alternative versions of each of us co-existing simultaneously. Each alternative is equally real, however, it is our consciousness that chooses which one to perceive as the “reality” that we will experience.

In the same way that we are able to view moments in the past, we can view them in the future. And if we are astral projecting, we can actually occupy the body of our past life or our future life body.

Here is the catch:

Physics principles now show us that when we observe an event, the event is changed. Those of us doing a lot of past life regression should be aware that as soon as your client views that past life, there are aspects of that past life that are altered. This can be very good news of course – because we have therapy models now that allow us to affect the changes in those past lives that will change the nature of the character and soul, and create new experiences and perceptions for the person in their present lives. In other words, when we change the past, we can change the present. Doing this consciously and with precision can create amazing desired results.

But your question was about the future. Yes, we can visit or view the future. However, we must be aware that as soon as we do, we are changing it. That change may be subtle or profound. But as soon as you know or think that you know something about the future, you will absolutely change some things about your decisions or actions.

Having said that, some events are so big in a person’s life, that event may stretch across many of the alternative (parallel) lives that the pilot had. That “fate” may have been so important or big in his path, that it would have taken a much bigger jump into a parallel life to avoid it.

We are making these jumps all the time. We all have events in our lives that cause us to consider “What would my life have been if….?”  What if you didn’t complete school, or you moved to another country, or didn’t marry your spouse? Those are big decisions that would create a distinct alternative future. But making the decisions that you did, you have created the life you are living now. Any time you want to change that, you simply have to make a bold enough decision – and then act on it congruently.

In my latest book, I have a diagram that shows this. If you imagine a grid, like graph paper, and put a dot in the middle. You call that you/now. All the squares going straight up represent your future if you continue on your path as is. All the squares leading downward represent your past – the timeline that your consciousness chose to observe as your life. All the squares/columns to the right and left represent your alternative/parallel selves.

If you make a bold, radical life-changing decision, especially one that changes your character or expands your consciousness, say, then you jump to a square to the right maybe 1-5 columns over. Now your future will be different, right? You have a new column above your square. And….here is the fascinating part….you have a new column beneath you. You have also changed your past.

So, back to the pilots. His subconscious may already be aware of his future. In fact, he may have visited that future while astral projecting during sleep, or adding that experience to his soul experiences may have been a part of his soul’s purpose in choosing this particular lifetime to experience. So that crash may have been what may be called “fate” because it was a part of the path, even if he knew it in advance. Curiously, even with that foreknowledge, he did not change his career and avoid being a pilot or flying in airplanes.

I hope that gives a fairly good explanation for your question. Yes, we can take people into the future. But having gone to the future, they may arrive there and find that it has changed. I am quite careful with future progression. Another reason is that the client may not be prepared for information they become aware of – such as that they are already in another body within 20 years, or that they live a long life, but the rest of their family has perished. When I agree to take a person into the future, we focus on beyond 50-100 years, depending on the age of the client, so that they won’t be particularly informed about the end of this lifetime. Unless I know for sure that the person can absolutely handle that information – and there are few who could.