Visualization for Gratitude

Read this meditation through. You can choose to use your imagination to visualize this as you read, or you may remember the images, and guide yourself through it with your eyes closed later. You can even speak it into a microphone and record this meditation. However, the exact script is copyrighted and can only be used for personal enjoyment, and not sold.

Closing your eyes, take a deep breath. As you release your breath, release the tension in your muscles.

With each breath in, draw in energy from the universal source. With each exhale, release tension and any concerns for the activities of the day.

Turn your attention inward. Relaxing, deeper and deeper.

I wonder if you can imagine locating that still point within you; that place within you where you are at peace. Connecting fully with that still point within you, allow yourself to relax as deeply as you are comfortable doing, knowing only you can allow yourself to go deeper and deeper.

And now, I wonder if you can imagine your favorite safe space. It might be a place where you have been, where you felt at ease, or it might be a place you create in your imagination. And as you imagine this safe space, you begin to look around and explore your surroundings. What do you notice here at this time?

As you continue to explore your surroundings, you discover an especially nice spot where it would be so comfortable to sit down and relax. As you settle into this comfortable place, you realize that it has a special energy. I

n this place, you are connected to vast wisdom and knowledge. In this place, you are fully aware of how to go into the deepest trance state of meditation that you have ever experienced, knowing that only you can make that happen.

Going there now, as I count from five to one. Five, going deeper and deeper. Four, feeling so good to relax and release. Three, feeling so relaxed, yet so curious. Two, going all the way down, now. One. That’s right. Feeling so good.

As your body continues to relax and your mind goes even deeper, begin to envision a hallway stretching out before you. As you begin to move down along that hall, you notice the texture of the floor beneath your feet, and the color of the walls.

There are doorways along this hall, each one leading to an experience that will fill you with gratitude and appreciation.

As I count from three to one, you will find yourself in front of one of these doors. Three, two, one. Describe to yourself the door that you are standing in front of.

As the door begins to open, you step through. As you do, you become aware of memories–sights, sounds, smells, feelings, that remind you of the events, people, and things that you love, enjoy, and appreciate.

Continue to spend as much time exploring this “place”, allowing the memories, images, and thoughts to fill your mind, as appreciation and gratitude fill your heart.

When you are ready, you may simply count from one to five, bringing your focus and attention back to this present moment. One, two, three, coming up, four aware of this time and space, and five, fully alert and returned to the present moment.

I hope you have enjoyed that!