Walking Each Other Home

Yesterday I attended a celebration of life for a dear friend, Jeff Jawer.

He was a well-respected astrologer and, along with his business partner Rick Levine, 10952419_10206438662188388_1471517202992405530_nauthor of dozens of books, hundreds of articles, and thousands of YouTube videos, all helping us to understand the patterns of the stars and how they affect our lives.

This beautiful event, MC’d by Marie Manuchehrie, included musical performances by his wife, Danick, Allen Stone, Clint McClune, Abe Speigelman, TJ Morris, and others. Some other astrology dignitaries were present and spoke, including Laura Nalbandian, David Railey, and David Pond.

At the end, many people stood to speak and share. I went last and said this:

My husband, Scott, and I have been close friends with Jeff and Danick for several years, and have shared many experiences, including holiday celebrations. We share the language of astrology and metaphysics, and the love of good food and wine.

I enjoyed hanging out with Jeff because I knew our conversations would be enlightening and thought-provoking. I felt heard, and I was always charmed, by Jeff.

The twinkle in his eyes reflected the brilliance of his mind and his soul. They twinkled like the stars he kept his eyes on.

We are here today to honor and remember Jeff.

Remembering plays two important roles in the evolution of our consciousness and existence. Pondering the memories of our own experiences, in this and other lifetimes, strengthens and expands our consciousness and self-awareness.

And remembering another person their character, experiences, and virtues – fortifies their energy field and supports their existence.

As we talk about Jeff’s adventures, his body of work, and our connections with him, we continue to wrap him in a blanket of self-reflection and acknowledgement, even as he resides on the other side.

The shock of the swiftness with which Jeff left us gave rise for many of us to assess our own progress in the cycle of life, and the fragility of this Earth Walk.

As Joseph Campbell made clear to us, to complete the cycle, the journey always requires a return home. We bring back our lessons, memories and newfound gifts to share with the greater community.

Ram Dass reminds us that: We’re all just walking each other home.

We have each shared a part of the journey with Jeff. We have walked him home, and we continue to walk with each other.

This celebration of Jeff’s life has brought together this reunion of his clan….his soul family…..his star family.

As we look around, we see our brothers and sisters, our clan, through our relationship with Jeff. We are the stars that make up the constellation of his family. Together we weave the fabric of the universe with our harmonies and dissonance, our challenges and triumphs, our joys and our sorrow.

And when one star in that constellation twinkles, it disappears from view for a brief time. But it never loses its place in the constellation.

In our own time, our stars, too, will twinkle.

So today, we can build and deepen the memories of this star family.

Remember the people in this room, remember those stars who are not with us today.

Remember Jeff.