What do a starfish, a rose quartz heart, and a white flower have in common?

Our higher consciousness has the inside scoop on who you are and what you need. While the higher consciousness is a part of us, and is available to us, it can be quite frustrating to feel separate from it and disconnected from its deeper wisdom. The higher consciousness is always available to communicate with us, and attempts to do so all the time. The difficulty is often in receiving the messages.

So what do a starfish, a rose quartz heart, and a white flower have in common?

They are all symbols of messages that my clients have received from their own higher selves. The primary means of communication for the higher consciousness are through pictures, feelings, and symbols.

At the beginning of hypnotherapy and past life sessions, I guide my client to their safe space. They create an environment that is uniquely comforting for them, where they can feel free to be themselves, relaxed, and safe. Then I suggest they find a gift that has been left there by their higher self, an object that brings specific traits and energy that will support the client through the session and throughout their life.

Each time, my client successfully finds the gift; and the gift is bull’s eye perfect for the needs of the client.

The client who found the starfish described it as beautiful, free, smooth, perfect, and even if parts fall off, they could be replaced. Interestingly, my client has short term disability. She easily related to “parts falling off”, yet was also reminded that she, too, could also embody the other traits.

A rose quartz heart was found by another client who told me that it was a reminder to love herself better. Even though she was  in the office for another issue, it became clear that the root of the presenting problem was connected to the need for greater self love.

The white flower another client found again had a profound and personal message for her. As she described the flower, she used words like “many layers, fragrant, strong yet fragile”. Then she realized that those words also described herself. She suffers from depression, and became aware that she needs to protect herself as she would the flower, so that she doesn’t get crushed or bruised by life.

This technique of finding an empowering symbol is one of many ways to receive specific and personally valuable messages from your own higher consciousness. What gift do you imagine you would find?