What if you knew your purpose?

Who isn’t interested in knowing their purpose? It is somewhat akin to the Holy Grail of personal knowledge, isn’t it?

What do you imagine you could you do if you knew your purpose? Would you become a super star? Would you suddenly find your way and lead a charmed and chivalrous life? Would you stand straighter and apply yourself more diligently?

What if knowing your purpose would require that you make distinct changes in your lifestyle or choices? What if your purpose would require that you have greater responsibility and stronger personal ethics?

I have come across people who are afraid to really know their purpose because they suspect that if they knew, they would have to quit their job or leave their relationship. Perhaps they feel surely they couldn’t be that special, or that they aren’t prepared to step up to the challenge, not have the resources, or fear stepping out of their comfort zone.

If someone is experiencing the fear of these things, then they may already know they are not where they are supposed to be in life, and that change is, indeed, required.

Imagine for a moment, that the heroic version of you is standing in front of you. What does he or she look like? How do they stand or move around? What can you see in their character, just by observing that version of yourself? What would they be doing with their life? How would they occupy their time?

Keep in mind that there are infinite aspects of ourselves – residing in all the alternative universes that are just as real as the one that you focus your consciousness on here. Completely real and available to you. It may take a couple of steps to fully inhabit that new improved purposeful and heroic self, but it is fully possible.

The more you practice visualizing this new version, and even practice occupying him or her, the more likely that it will become just as natural to you to be there as to be here in this version that you have become familiar with so far.

I promise there are ways to prepare yourself, and gracefully integrate the knowledge of your purpose into your life, slowly and methodically upgrading your life so that you are on your path and positioned in alignment with your purpose.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were moving full speed ahead in pursuit of your purpose. What would be different if you stepped up to the fullness of your soul’s aim and directive? What if you were the hero of your own journey?

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