What Is Awareness Engineering?

Awareness Engineering™ is an integrated system for healing, exploring, and developing the whole person—body, mind, and soul. It gives you an orderly, accessible framework for growing into deeper experiences of your life, for knowing and honoring yourself and others more fully, for working with challenges, and for enhancing all aspects of your personal and professional life.


Awareness Engineering™ includes both universal principles and the tools with which to implement them in your daily life. These tools and principles can help you discover and sustain wellness, growth, and happiness—and identify and alter that which blocks you from manifesting what you are here to be and do. They work together to produce an exuberant, purposeful existence.

This method is based on my twenty plus years of intensive study and clinical practice, and is grounded in the work of Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, Bandler & Grinder, Deepak Chopra, Ayn Rand, and other great thinkers. It incorporates both time-honored philosophies and quantum concepts, ancient practices and modern hypnosis and NLP techniques, methods for clarity of thought and accessing the wisdom of the subconscious mind.

Awareness Engineering™ is exactly what its name implies—a way to consciously and intentionally choose, or engineer, higher levels of awareness. You can experiment with various tools and techniques, and select those that give you the best access to the wisdom and transformation you want in your life.

As you deepen your awareness and encounter new aspects of yourself and the universe, you can adjust how you engineer your journey. Feel free to move at your own pace. Yet if you encounter something difficult, please don’t quit or remain frustrated. You just may be at the threshold of a major breakthrough. We often discover that our greatest progress is a result of facing our biggest challenge.

Our self-discovery and growth is a perpetual process. It is a journey rather than a destination. While marked by twists and turns, this path can lead to improved health, joy, fulfillment, self-esteem and empowerment.

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