What Is It That Offends You?

When the remarks of another have that biting edge that frequently cause offense in others, there are basically two choices for a response: Does the remark have an element of truth that is worth looking into? Or, is it untrue, and therefore, really just the other person’s issue?

If there is a ring of truth, be grateful for the opportunity for growth once again (even if you are better off separating yourself from this person because of their rude delivery). And if there is no truth in their words, why take offense? It is obviously their issue they are projecting onto you. Let it go.

Is there a reason to become offended?

What happens when people are offended by something you say?

Think of a time when you were “offended”.

  • How did you react?
  • Did that make things better?
  • How did you feel while being offended?
  • Did the remark change the reality of who you are?
  • Did your reaction change the opinion of the other person?