What Purpose, Self-esteem, Spiritual Growth and Relationships Have in Common

I want you to put on your thinking caps and answer this question:

What is the one thing that is needed in order to achieve the following?

  • To know your life purpose
  • To have the highest self esteem
  • To experience spiritual growth
  • To enjoy better relationships

The answer is: Self Awareness

What is the quickest way to gain self-awareness?

Past Life Regression


It’s hard to see ourselves. PLR is like looking at someone else, and at the same time recognize traits and behaviors as clearly as looking into a mirror—though generally more objectively.

In life, we generally know the whats – the events and conditions of our lives today. But equally important are the whys and the hows. Through past life regression we can clearly see why we have adopted certain behaviors and perspectives, and how we came to be in the situation and condition we are in today.

I once worked with a young lady of 19 who was living in a half-way house for alcoholics. She was in a program because she had been drinking since she was 12. I had planned to do clinical hypnotherapy on her, but as soon as she was in trance, her subconscious mind took her to a past life.

In that life, she was a man. He was married to the love of his life. In his mid-40s his wife died, and he was devastated. He started drinking to sooth his pain. And he drank, and he drank, trying to make the pain and loneliness go away. He died an alcoholic.

We went to two more past lives, and in each one, when life got tough, she would turn to alcohol.

So, in this life, living in a dysfunctional family with abuse and eventually a divorce between her parents, she naturally turned to drinking.

This story has a happy ending though.

About a year and a half after working with her, I was at a large conference, standing in the lobby speaking to a friend of mine. My client came running up to me and gave me a big hug! She was so excited to share her good news with me. She had given up alcohol ever since our session, had gotten married, and was pregnant with her first child.

She was overjoyed by the results of our session together.

And the main trigger for her recovery was self-awareness. She had learned about the why.

Why is self-awareness such an important value?

All of our experiences are processed within ourselves. We are the only one who is inside this experience. Crazy isn’t it? Each of us has a completely unique set of experiences leading to our perceptions, habits, personality, and character. Self-awareness allows us to be able to recognize the signals, determine our values, make healthy choices, and know what needs to be enhanced and what needs to be corrected.

Self awareness, for instance, is an important factor in having a healthy body.

Another client, we will call her Becky, came to me as a last resort. She had relentless neck pain, and had seen every other kind of practitioner – from chiropractor to osteopath—no one had been able to help her relieve her pain. So Becky comes into my office and says, “Mary Lee, you are my last hope!”

I get that a lot, actually. They have tried everything, and then they come to me. They are seeking relief, which they will get—but it comes in the form of self-awareness.

So although I begin by focusing on the clinical techniques of hypnotherapy, Becky’s subconscious guides us directly to a past life. She is telling me that she feels like there is a rope around her neck. As she expands on her story, she realizes that she is being executed for practicing witchcraft because she has been healing people of their illnesses using herbs. We do some healing techniques in the area of her neck, but when I ask her how her neck feels, she says it still has pain.

Asking her to describe the pain now, she immediately sees herself in stocks in a public square. They are punishing and tormenting her for using herbs to heal people in the community. Although she has a successful practice, she is being accused of witchcraft. I have her visualize getting out of the stocks and soothing the area in her neck. Yet, when I ask her how her neck feels, again she says there is still pain.

Having her focus on that area again, she says it feels like her head has been chopped off. As the past life memories unfold, she remembers being accused – you guessed it—for practicing witchcraft because she was using herbs for healing. We did more healing visualizations in the neck area, and this time when I asked how she felt, she exclaimed that the pain was completely gone for the first time in a couple of years.

She later shared with me that she was unhappy in her present corporate position, and had been wanting to get a degree to practice herbology in order to start up her own business. But every time she seriously focused on that career move, she would get deathly afraid to take the first step. Now she understood why!

Past life regression had given her self-awareness.

Be the star

Becky now understood why she was so passionate about herbal healing, and she understood why she was deathly afraid to fulfill her passions. She also got to the roots of her neck pain – and relieved it within one session. Her subconscious mind was communicating with her through her body sensations to resolve past traumas around fulfilling her purpose in life. By integrating those experiences in a healthier way, she was able to move on with the career of her dreams.

She had gotten all the answers, resolved her dilemma, and relieved her pain.

I love this work!

And you will too! If you think that your clients are desperately in need of clarity about themselves, that past life regression is the tool that can lead to their healing, fulfillment of dreams and purpose, and recovery from bad habits—then you will want to register today for my upcoming professional past life regression training.