Over the years of facilitating past life regression to groups of people, the question foremost on people’s mind before they go into the regression is: “What will it be like?”

The details of that answer will, of course, be different for each individual. However, in general there are a few things I can share with you.

Your regression won’t be like this:

  • IMAX or Dolby – A lot of people go into the regression expecting to have the full cinematic experience. They may expect it to be like going to the theater or an amusement park, where they can be quite passive and be taken on the ride. Past Life regression takes your participation, your efforts in imagination, and your energy. You must be proactive.
  • Full of details – While some lucky folks can get great details including dates, places, inscriptions, conversations, and more, the majority of people experiencing past lives get snapshots that occasionally become movies, sensations that blossom into memories of events, a sense of the country or era, and knowing about their character and experiences.
  • Confident it is True – In almost every case, a client or a student in a group will ask if what they have experienced is actually true or did they just make that up. It is common to think perhaps you read a book or saw a movie with a similar theme or with similar visuals. When this question comes up, I ask how many people could accurately recall what they did six years ago on a Thursday in May. (I’m still waiting to meet the person who can do it!)  Our memories of this life are not that keen, so when we are stretching back through hundreds of years and many cycles of death and rebirth, we need to cut ourselves a little slack in accuracy. Another point I like to make to them is that in the end, does it really matter whether it is fully true or not? Even if the mind is playing a trick and telling us a tale, if it had meaning and gave insights into the character of the person, there is value regardless of the accuracy.

So, next time you consider a past life regression, set aside your expectations, self-doubt, and disbelief. Enjoy the journey, and allow the imagination to go wild. Gather the images, the feelings, and the memories. And then later you can meditate on them, analyze, and correct them, as we would with any memories we are trying to conjure of this present life time.

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