What’s Your Story?

And how would it feel if you changed it?

Hypnotherapy and past life regression offer a unique opportunity to make deep, profound changes on many levels. We can gain a new, broader perspective on life or actually change the course of our personal history.

Our consciousness shapes our reality, and how we  perceive and interpret life experiences determines their effect on us. When we change our viewpoint and memories—the story that we tell ourselves—we can let go of limiting interpretations, and move forward into more fulfillment and ease.

One afternoon, at six years old, Sharon tried in vain to get the attention of her mother, who was too busy with other things. Sharon decided in that moment that her mother didn’t love her. Unconsciously, she continued operating throughout her life as if that perspective held true. She acted as if she was unlovable, which in turn caused problems in all areas of her life.

Through hypnotherapy techniques coupled with the maturity of many decades, she saw it quite differently. Being a new mother herself, she exclaimed. “It wasn’t that Mom didn’t love me! She was just trying to answer the phone, cook dinner, change my little brother, and deal with me all at the same time!”

When Sharon’s memory and interpretation of the event changed, its significance and impact on her changed as well. She no longer had to walk around as a person whose mother disliked or ignored her. Her adult perspective and her willingness to address this issue, all worked together for healthy change. The same principles apply to working with past lives.

Exploring past lives can help us change in profound ways as well. When appropriate, my clients exchange advice and wisdom with their past life counterparts, in turn changing their perceptions of and reactions to those experiences that adversely affect them now. This exchange diffuses the negative emotional charge around traumatic events, and can even alter decisions made, and the course of that lifetime.

Marla regressed to a lifetime when a prearranged marriage trapped her in an abusive relationship. In that lifetime, she contracted a disease and died at a young age.  Parallel experiences were causing issues in this life. By conversing with her past life counterpart, Marla provided several options, including leaving the household and beginning fresh in a new town.

Later in the session when we revisited that lifetime, it had changed. In this new memory she left the marriage and opened a business in a distant town. Thriving, she lived a long happy life that included a new, loving husband.

Fantasy landscape

New physics shows us there are infinite numbers of parallel universes. Each moment we choose a pathway into the future through attitudes, emotions, and actions. Alternate choices are equally as real and accessible. It is up to us to perceive and experience them. In the first example we saw a change of interpretation. In the second, a change in perception, and destiny.

You hold the power to change the story that we carry around about our lives. Partnered with hypnotherapy it can happen quickly and easily, creating your desired results.