What Happens When We Don’t Know Our Purpose (And the first step to remedy it)

How frequently do we hear the topic of purpose come up in conversations, reading material, and motivational seminars? Over my years in private practice as a hypnotherapist and intuitive, I have observed that the lack of purpose is a strong underlying factor in a variety of troubling issues, including stress, unhappiness, procrastination, chronic illnesses, depression, alcoholism, overeating, and so forth.

When a person lacks purpose, it is easy to…


flounder in life, feel useless, become listless or bored. Easily blown about by the prevailing currents, it is not difficult to see how people get involved with cults or gangs, co-dependency, and escapism.

To avoid this, identify your values and name your purpose. Take a stand, plant your feet. Pose, take aim, be set. Passionately pursue your desired goals.

At some point, you may determine that your purpose isn’t quite on the mark. You haven’t wasted time. Rather, you have learned a great deal and can now make a fine adjustment. Continue to adjust and correct the alignment. That is how it is done, and is more effective than not taking the stance at all.

Each step of the way, bask in the satisfaction and fulfillment that only comes from determined and purposeful aim and action.