Which Way Are You Going?

“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.” ~   James A. Froude

Each of us is already successful. You have done everything to get yourself exactly to where you are in this moment. The conditions of our lives show, at any given moment, are the sum total of all choices we have ever made. In other words, our choices have led us to this present state.

Karma is at play all the time. The account is always seeking balance.

Some of you may take issue with these statements. You may point out that there are events that happen that are beyond your control. That you were an innocent bystander in the game of life and were side-swiped by tragedy and disappointment.

The events of our lives are not at issue. Our choices, reactions and responses to the events are what create our experience of life and delineate our path.

Life will happen, and it can be a chaotic place. There are no guarantees of happiness and the easy life. And that is not what life is really all about. At the primary levels, it is about surviving on this planet. At higher levels it is about thriving and moving towards self-actualization.

Whether you are in the survival mode, working hard just to eat each day, or you are in the lap of luxury, you can maintain your diligence in expressing your purpose and you are called to hold fast to your ethics and values. Your purpose and ethics should remain the same whether you are rich, poor, stranded on a deserted island, or are enjoying the wealth of a rock star.

If the conditions of life are not working out for a person, the most important question to ask is, “What must I do to achieve a different result?” There is no reason to blame anyone or anything else. Taking responsibility for your own life, and taking proper action, is the quickest way to obtain your goals, and to experience heaven on earth and beyond.

Karma is the tally of the positive and negative thoughts, actions, and states of mind. The conditions of our lives, at any given moment, reflect the resultant balance.

Each soul gets exactly what it deserves. It is entertaining to say that to a person and watch their reaction. Some people get upset and think that is not going to be a good thing. Others give a sigh of relief that their good deeds are going to be rewarded.

How would you react? Would you like to get exactly what you deserve? Or are you hoping that karma comes with a big helping of grace?

Justice may appear as heaven, delivering bounty for proper choices. Alternatively, it may feel like hell, bringing ever-greater challenges until that soul learns to change their ways.

The bounty, or challenges, are created by the individual’s own subconscious mind. The soul will choose spiritual growth and increased consciousness over temporal comforts and pleasure, and in some cases even physical life itself. The soul will work to achieve its goal, even if it kills you!

But we don’t have to go that far. Let’s look at the various choices we have in approaching our responses to life.

Throughout existence, a soul has the option of following one of four directions. A soul follows an overall direction, while specific actions or philosophies also have directional orientation.

Moving toward death

These involve harmful, self-sabotaging intentions and behaviors. They may include drug and alcohol use, violence, and criminal activity.

Moving away from death

These activities are based on fear and the avoidance of disaster and punishment. These may include giving in to personal and political pressure, and making choices based on the lesser of two evils. This direction includes victims and those who spend their time reacting to the circumstances that come their way.

Moving away from life
Included in this category are the avoidance of lessons and experiences, sabotaging the fulfillment of goals and purpose, as well as deprivation, denial and suicide. It also involves giving control of your decisions and thoughts over to another person, and any form of escapism.

Moving toward life
In this group, we find the proper pursuit of happiness. The soul on this path engages in purposeful activities that contribute to their growth and promote the development of their consciousness and existence. They face their lessons directly and are satisfied to learn from them. They consider their choices and opt for those that support their life. There is creativity and self-determination in this direction.

As an exercise, consider all the activities that you engage in during a day. These may include hygiene, naps, quantity and quality of food intake, alcohol or drug consumption, exercise, sports, relationships, hobbies, TV, reading, work, and so forth.

Which of your life activities and relationships are moving toward or away from death? Which are moving toward or away from life?

If you were to answer honestly and then take full responsibility for yourself and your life, what would you do differently? If you made those changes, what would be different in your life?

The more clearly you see yourself and your actions, along with their consequences and impact on the world, the quicker you will achieve heaven on earth.