Why Are You On Earth?

Do you know exactly why you are here on Earth? Are you on a path that fulfills that purpose, and do you know what to do when you get off track? Do you know who you are, and have a deep appreciation for the qualities, choices, sensibilities, and actions that come together to make you?

Are you aware of precisely what you honor and believe, and do those values inform your everyday life? Do you have a sustainable sense of your purpose that keeps you moving forward even in times of challenge, and that turns difficulty into opportunity and growth?

Our highest human calling is the fascinating quest that brings us home to ourselves. This journey, the soul’s search for self-discovery and higher awareness, has been the driving force behind everything you have ever done—whether or not you have been consciously aware of it. All of your energy, emotions, choices, actions, reactions, and pursuits have been aimed at finding that one great treasure. Even if you occasionally missed the mark or failed, that high calling has always been your goal. It is what we human beings want more than anything, even when our longing is masked by less lofty desires.

Yet for many of us, the journey has been more frustrating than fulfilling, more stressful than joyful, more exhausting than exalted. This is usually because we take off without a map, and without adequate knowledge of the terrain. We aren’t sure exactly where we are going or how to get there, what the rules of the road are, what obstacles we might encounter along the way, or what tools we will need to cope with those difficulties. Sometimes we don’t even know why we are making the trip, or what value it has for us.

Our journey through life is happier, richer, and more fulfilling when we know exactly where we are going, when we have determined the best path from where we are now to our destination, and when we are confident that we can handle any distractions or problems we encounter along the way. Even more important, we need to know why we are on that journey, and how to find its greatest value. Then the trip becomes inspired, engaging, and sustainable.

Let’s make that journey of inner discovery a grand adventure—one in which we find answers that emerge from our own hearts and minds, and in which we meet challenges with confidence, release old baggage with joy, and free ourselves to accept our highest good.

When you re ready to embark on this adventure, I would be honored to be a guide and companion. Feel free to schedule your Discover Call to see how I might be of assistance.