The opportunity to had a physical life experience is the hero’s journey.

The ultimate goal of our hero’s journey is to gather the riches of more existence and deeper consciousness, and bring them back to nourish our spirit.

The more diverse and varied our experiences, the more we enhance our existence. The greater our growth and the wider our awareness, the more we enhance our consciousness. As our aspects, or souls, quest out through time and space over the millennia to gather these treasures, we become denser, richer, more textured spirits.

Whether we choose to be in or out of a body, for any length of time, depends on how well the experience we might have in that body serve our primary purpose—the maintenance, and expansion, of our existence and consciousness.

There are no hard and fast rules about the frequency, or the length, of incarnations. At any given time, a spirit has the option of occupying a physical form somewhere in time and space, or remaining in a non-physical form on the astral plane.

Let’s look at why we might make the decision to incarnate.

Imagine a science laboratory with a sealed, glass-enclosed space containing an experiment. The only way to enter this enclosed space is to place your hands inside gloves that extend into the sealed space. With those gloves, you can manipulate tools, move objects, and interact with other sets of gloves. Placing our hands inside the gloves, and extending them into the sealed space, is an apt metaphor for incarnating into a physical body.

Are the gloves in control of the action? No, they are vehicles that allow action to take place in that enclosed world. The true manipulator of the experiment is the brain of the person who has his or her hands in the gloves.

In this metaphor, the person is the spirit. The hands entering the gloves represent the soul, the part of the spirit that enters the physical body. The spirit puts an extension of itself into a physical vessel so that it can interact with other similar vessels and with the world in which it resides. Placing its hands into the gloves and extending them into this contained world expands its range of experiences—its range of existence and consciousness.

Without occupying the gloves, it could only look at that world. It could not truly experience it. In the same way, we can observe the physical world from the astral plane, but we cannot interact with it fully unless we enter a physical body.

What might happen if we adjust some factors within this metaphor? Consider, for instance, what would occur if:

  • The gloves had desires of their own and did not fully respond to the movements of the hands
  • The hands lost nerve connections with the brain and acted contrary to directions and instructions
  •  The hands chose to disobey commands and acted with free will, even when doing so was self-destructive
  • The other gloves in the contained space had opposing goals and fought hard to prevent the gloves and their hands from fulfilling their mission
  • The other gloves completed a task that destroyed the instruments that our glove needed to use to fulfill its directives
  • The hand followed the directives of the other gloves, and forgot that it was attached to its own body
  • The body became so tired of its work that the hand and glove fell into disuse

These are hypothetical examples, meant primarily to amuse but also to create curiosity. If you were the person in this metaphor, what do you think would be the state of your brain, body, hands, and gloves?

To use another metaphor, the body is a vehicle. Like a car, it gets us to our destination faster. We know that the body is not the spirit, but having a body promotes our spiritual growth.

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