Year End Vision Quest

Winter is such a great time for hibernation and reflection. As the year draws to a close it is natural to look back on our journey  through the previous twelve months, noticing where we started and how far we have come.

Here are a few thoughts and questions that you can ponder in your meditations this season:

Where are you?

This is not about your location in time/space, although that can be included. Think in terms of where is your soul along its eternal journey. Are you in your infancy or are you a matured soul? Are you lost or quite certain of where you are and why you are where you are.

Where are you going? Or intending to go?

Again, we are not talking about vacation plans. what direction are you headed in your life? What kind of character are you aiming to be? What type of knowledge or skills do you need to support your existence and enhance your consciousness, whether you are in this lifetime, between lifetimes, or in a future lifetime?

What do you want to experience along the way?

While it may seem obvious that we would want to be infinitely wealthy and have unlimited joy, again, think in terms of the types of specific experiences that will propel your soul to a higher level, give you greater depth of character and a broader understanding of the universe and all its inhabitants, including yourself. What types of experiences would allow you to know yourself better, or would challenge and stretch you in ways that would be beneficial. Hint: This usually requires getting out of our favorite comfort zone.

How will that experience shape you?

If you get to have the experiences that you listed above, how do you expect them to alter who you are as a character and as a soul? In what specific ways do you anticipate you will be different? What will you then be capable of?

What shape do you want to be?

As you extrapolate the results of your desired experiences, contemplate if that is the result that you actually want. Perhaps it is. In which case, where will that lead you next? How will your life be different? What new path will you be on, and with what goal in mind? And if the results of your desired experiences do not seem to take you where you want to be, what might have to be different? What other experiences may be required? What knowledge or skill would still be necessary to continue to hone your soul to its desired shape and nature?