While observing past lives, it is common to recognize people in those experiences who are in your present life. The subconscious mind can even be programmed to guide you to a time when you have shared a life with a specific person. In doing so, you may discover a variety of relationships you have had with that person.

This exploration helps to explain challenges that cycle through a marriage or difficulties parents have with a particular child. This knowledge of past relationships also helps to explain why a mother and daughter may relate more as sisters or friends, while a pair of friends may take on the role of mother and daughter.

Upon experiencing past life relationships with present life people, you often notice alterations in your thoughts and emotions concerning the people around you.

Once you have discovered other lifetimes shared with your parents, siblings, friends, mate, or children, your understanding of the dynamics between you will become deeper and fuller.

You will have a better idea of why you are in the relationship, what lessons you may provide for each other, or what assistance you have agreed to give each other. The value placed on that other person grows. There is a stronger desire to resolve issues and respect the bond between you.

Even your encounters with strangers take on a new dimension. Who knows whether they played a significant role in one of your past lives? The postman, grocery clerk, or doctor may have been your mother, your best friend, or the cause of your demise in another time. That person cutting you off in traffic may have been your endearing yet rowdy best friend who simply wants to get your attention again.

You may find it entertaining to explore your own past life connections to the people now in your life. You can begin by simply paying attention to the quality of the energy between you, the roles that come naturally to you in each other’s lives, and the inspiration that you experience when in their company.

Allow your imagination to layer other scenarios on the present one. For example, you may find yourself saying, “You are acting like a Roman general.” Or, “It would feel natural to paint landscapes with you.” You may suddenly take an interest in dance, archeology, or travel. Imagine those activities shared with your friend in another time and space.

While your spontaneous imaginings of those other lifetimes may or may not be entirely accurate, it is a good exercise that can certainly lead to even greater accuracy in determining your past life connections.