Dear Soulful Seeker,

I am so happy you have arrived here. 

If you are searching for support, it tells me you have a desire burning in you to breakthrough to the next level.

You are ready to bust through the barriers holding you back, that keep you small, and dim your light. Because you know you are worth it.

Yes, it is time.

Finding the right guide for your tailored personal growth can make the journey magical and transformative, shifting you forward from your positive plans, to life-changing action, so you achieve the life you know you deserve. When you are feeling lost and are tired of wandering or being stuck, it will be my honor to help you find your way.

I am known to be a brave truth teller with vast insight and wisdom. My job is to hold a deep and fertile space for you to work through your challenges and conjure inspired and creative insights to find solutions outside the limitations of your everyday perspective.

My strategies include energy, words, intelligence, intuition, proven and innovative strategies, spirits, star patterns, and more—whatever it takes to achieve your unique personal growth goals.

When you are ready to step into your empowered self, live with passion, and follow your dreams, I will be your support, sounding board, and engaged witness as you move through your greatest challenges to reap the rewards of your personal evolution and transformation.

Your first step awaits you.

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  • Diep Tran

    "Mary Lee works miracles! I’ve had about 7 sessions with Mary Lee and she is absolutely amazing. When I first came to her, my life was chaotic and messy. I was so fearful of everything it was hard for me to even interact with the grocery clerk.

    Luckily, during those times, I met Mary Lee by enrolling in one of her classes. It was as if the universe brought me to her knowing that if there’s anyone who can help me, it would be Mary Lee. She helped me get unstuck and energized just in the first hypnotherapy session. She will help you much more in one session than years of traditional behavioral/cognitive counseling through your health plan. The changes have been real and lasting. I am truly grateful for Mary Lee!"

    Diep Tran
  • Sylvia

    "I have had four past life regression sessions with Mary Lee LaBay and each one was miraculous and life changing.  Mary Lee is the very best hypnotherapist in the Northwest.  If you have an opportunity to work with her, your life will change forever for the better.  She is a talented and gifted healer.  Because of my sessions with Mary Lee, I am happier and much more successful in life.  If you have the chance to work with her … DO IT!  You will be glad that you did.  She is AMAZING!"

  • Yolanda Heppard

    “I have participated and countless programs, workshops, and trainings as well as earned a couple degrees. This is absolutely the most well put together program I have experienced. The meat of what you need to know has been consolidated and taught in a way that’s it’s easy to learn. I didn’t feel like I was learning a lot of unnecessary information. The way the program is set up you can easily learn the techniques and get to practicing right away. Mary Lee is definitely an authority in doing this work. Definitely worth the price I paid. I feel very fortunate to have learn these skills from the best.”

    Yolanda Heppard Sociologist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Past Life Regressionist Integrative Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Live Training
  • Denise Lynn

    “I completed my original training with another instructor. We were only trained to write and use scripts while working with our clients. I came to Mary Lee’s training because there were a lot more techniques included and she combined hypnosis with more spiritual applications. When I realized that we were not going to use scripts, I was really nervous. But in my first practice session I experienced how liberating that is.  Mary Lee’s approach to not using scripts opened a up an amazing creative door for me.   I saw how much deeper I could go with my client following this new style.   Thank you,  Mary Lee, for your  wisdom in helping me to be a deeper and more creative  hypnotherapist.”

    Denise Lynn Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Dana Becker

    “Starting a new career in my 50’s is daunting. Taking Mary Lee LaBay’s training helped alleviate so many of my fears, allowing me to move forward with more confidence and enthusiasm for the future. I started with no expectations, thinking that I’d come away with a few tools to add to my toolbox. I wasn’t expecting a whole new, packed toolbox and a career to boot. Her course was filled with tried and true techniques and strategies, along with her own discoveries on how to traverse through the subconscious. Mary Lee’s calm, confident teaching style enables her students to relax and immerse themselves into this fascinating course. If you have been looking for a new path or just further insight into your own psyche, look no further. You’ve reached your destiny.”

    Dana Becker LMT, CHt., Hypnotherapy: Professional Training Intensive
  • Heather Jones

    “I felt like I was stuck in my business. Mary Lee helped me see through the clouds that were blocking my zest and passion for the business side of my dreams. I cannot say enough about working with Mary Lee. I have known for a long time that I wanted to work with her. She is worth every penny! I came home from our first session and immediately started implementing the things we worked together on. From my heart, thank you deeply.”

    Heather Jones New View Wellness

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