Calling all Aries – you know who you are! You’re the bold, passionate leaders – ready to jump in and take a risk. You love a dare and often flirt with danger––just for thrills. You often run circles around others with your intense energy and optimistic enthusiasm.

Feeling Burned Out?

Yet, are there times when you find you are running aimlessly around in circles? That you have spontaneously set off on a quest without the map?

Before you get burned out, you may want to take a breath and regroup. Find a point of focus and stay steady. While you easily inspire others to follow you in the unknown, how about also delegating some of the burden to them? Sure, you can do it faster, but why deprive them of their productivity and sense of being needed?

The Bigger Picture

An effective way of finding your direction in life is to look at the bigger picture. Step back and look at a longer piece of your history. Fearless and brave, you can trek back in time to previous lifetimes to get your bearings with the advantage of hundreds, maybe thousands, of years of your existence. What were you created to BE at the beginning of time and space? What mission have you been working on over the span of many lifetimes? What is your soul’s calling and who are the kindred spirits you were meant to connect with to accomplish this goal?

Explore Your Inner Landscape

Yes, there are exciting and effective ways for you to explore your inner landscape, turn a bunch of sparks into a raging flame, and focus it clearly on what truly sets your soul on fire.

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