Need to get those creative juices flowing?

Do you want to try a new art form
—something you have never done before?

Overcome writer’s block, craft a song, create a movie storyboard— in this meditation, you will enter a spiritual space where anything is possible. Connect with your artistic, creative self and become immersed in your talents in music, dance, art, or any art form to which you are drawn. The meditation is structured to create results—you might emerge with the plot for your next bestseller or the subject for a stunning painting.

Artistic CreativityIt’s also great for exploring new kinds of creative expression. This experience will connect you with your innate talents and bring enhanced artistic expression into your daily life. Whether you are a professional artist or just want to express yourself,  this CD and Mary Lee’s Awareness Engineering techniques can help.



” I had to laugh! After using your CD I have been on a roll with my painting. Each time I want to start a new painting, I listen to the CD and develop the entire concept during the session. Then I just pick up my brush and start covering the canvas. What a delight!”
~ Candace, Taos, NM

“I have never expressed myself artistically and was looking for inspiration. My girlfriend gave me the gift of this CD and I just had to write you. In the meditation I saw myself singing. Something I had never considered. However, I just joined my church choir, and am having a great time. Who knew?”
~ Phillip, Grand Rapids, MI


Immerse yourself in artistic expression through any medium—whether you are a professional artist or a total novice. Enter an elevated, imaginative trance state to explore your artistic talents. Then bring back the memory of that skill with you to put into action in your life here.

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